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Entrepreneurial Journey and Success of Snowberry Artisanal Desserts

Snowberry Artisanal

Since launching his first business in 2015, this enterprising individual has delved into multiple ventures, culminating in the creation of Snowberry Artisanal Desserts. Conceived in March 2023 and launched by December 2023, Snowberry aims to offer a unique and customized dessert experience, featuring popular items like Korean Bingsu and real fruit ice cream. The brand’s emphasis on health benefits and fresh ingredients has earned it significant consumer acclaim.

Snowberry Artisanal

When did you started your journey as an entrepreneur?

I started my first business in 2015. Since then I’ve ventured into multiple businesses, Snowberry being the latest one.

When did your journey started with snowberry?

Snowberry Artisanal

My partner and I came up with the idea in March, 2023. For few months we traveled around the globe and did our research. Then finally our first outlet opened in December, 2023!

 What is Snowberry Artisanal Desserts all about?

Snowberry Artisanal

Snowberry Artisanal Desserts, as the name suggests is a dessert chain. We aim to provide a unique and customised dessert experience to our guests, with everything made right in front of them. Our Korean Dessert Bingsu and Real fruit ice cream have been hit ever since we opened.

Snowberry Artisanal

How does the nutritional content of 100 percent real fruit ice cream compare to traditional ice cream made with artificial flavors and additives? What are the potential health benefits and drawbacks of consuming ice cream made exclusively from real fruit?

Snowberry Artisanal

Our ice creams are much less in calories than traditional ice creams. Not to forget, our ice creams don’t have any additives, colours or preservatives, making it much healthier and safer. To further help the cause, every scoop is made fresh, right in front of the guests. Moreover, our variety of fruits is not readily available in India so consumers can have these in form of ice creams without burning a hole in their pocket. So overall, it’s a much healthier way of satisfying your sweet tooth. Our consumers also agree, that’s why Snowberry has received so much love.

What are the top ice-cream and best at Snowberry? 

Snowberry Artisanal

Our most loved ice creams are Mixed Berries and Mango. Mixed berry flavour combines Strawberry, Mulberry and Blueberry. So the ice cream is sweet and sour in taste. We’ve come to understand that Indians like those flavours, and they like berries as well. Secondly, Mango is India’s favourite fruit. We use premium quality Alphonso for our ice creams, so again it makes one of the most loved flavours.

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