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Jeevika Sri ‘s inspiring culinary journey fueled by passion and determination

Jeevika Sri ‘s inspiring culinary

Jeevika Sri’s MasterChef journey began on an ordinary night, sparked by a conversation with her sister about auditions in Chennai. From making it to the top 50, then top 24, and finally securing a place among the top 12, Jeevika’s path to MasterChef success is a testament to her culinary talent and unwavering dedication.

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Balancing her MasterChef shoots with exam preparations, she managed to score an impressive 83% in her board exams, proving her commitment to both her education and her culinary dreams. Jeevika’s love for biryani, influenced by her Tamil roots, and her belief in the magic of cooking with love, have shaped her unique approach to food. As she continues to innovate while respecting traditional flavors, Jeevika’s story inspires us to pursue our passions without hesitation.

When did you started your Journey as an MasterChef?

It was one usual night in our home , where me and my sister talk before our bedtime . That’s when she told me about the auditions happening for MasterChef in Chennai. I got into top 50 followed by top 24 and then finally made it to the top 12 of the season .That’s how my MasterChef journey started ! It was one of my greatest accomplishments.


What are the challenges you have faced to be in this position?

culinary Mango kulfi
Mango kulfi By Jeevika Sri 

It was quite challenging to leave my family behind and stay in a different place for months for the first time ,I would prepare for my MasterChef shoots and for my exams simultaneously. I still managed to get 83% in my boards amidst the show because I was not ready to compromise with either of them .

What is your favorited dish which always wanted to cook and eat?

Homestyle chicken biryani culinary
Homestyle chicken Biryani

Just like every other person, when it comes to food it’s always Biryani for me . It’s my favourite part of any Sunday in our house .Succulent meat eaten along with the fragrant rice is truly a match made in heaven .It took me time to learn it perfectly as cooking biryani itself is an art. I would love to cook or eat biryani any day.

How has your cultural background influenced your culinary preferences and cooking style?

Kali and karuvattu kuzhambu culinary
Kali and karuvattu kuzhambu By Jeevika Sri

Coming from a Tamizh family has definitely influenced my culinary preferences and cooking style. I always liked rustic recipes with bomb flavours and aromas belonging to our very own southern roots. One cooking preference I acquired is using the draining method to cook rice over the pressure cooking method .Also, I learnt the importance of hospitality and sharing of meals with my family only through my culture.

What are your thoughts on the rise of fusion cuisine and its impact on traditional culinary practices?

Chicken Lasagna culinary
Chicken Lasagna ‘

Innovation and creativity must be appreciated every time .When it comes to fusion ,a chicken keema lasagna or a makhni sauce pasta is never a crime but just a personal take on a dish .Fusion cuisine has led to exiting combinations of many flavours and techniques,but on the other side the authenticity of a dish is killed which is concerning.I would say that innovation without any sacrifice can always be supported,fusion dishes should be offered as an additional choice rather than a replacement,in this way there is room for both fusion as well as traditional practises.

What are some staple ingredients in Tamil cuisine, and how do they reflect the agricultural practices of the region?

Some of the staple ingredients of Tamil cuisine include rice, wheat ,lentils , coconut ,spices like pepper, cumin, fenugreek and whole garam masala’s. These do reflect the agricultural practices of the region they belong to…Most of the Indian farmers engage themselves in rice or wheat cultivation which provides almost every household in the country.

Basil icecream culinary
Basil icecream

Traditional farming techniques are used even today to cultivate these staple ingredients. If a crop has more usage ,the demand of it gets increased in the market ,higher the demand the more it gets cultivated ! Indian cooking without spices can never be true ,so along with rice and pulses ,cultivation of ginger , garlic and other aromatic spices are also done.

How do you interpret the idea that “the secret ingredient is always love” for you in the context of cooking?

Everyone of us eat to fill our stomach and fuel our body ….but a true chef who cooks for you tries to provide comfort and satisfaction through the food he/she cooks just like how a Mother does. According to me when you cook food with THAT extra care and love ,the result turns out to be magic  you will end up filling people’s soul along with their stomachs.

Your inspirational quotes for the day

Every challenge you face will either make you win or learn. This is the quote I would always love to look back ,as it conveys a beautiful message~ Every experience provides an opportunity for growth and learning ,regardless of the outcome .It’s about the lessons we take away that ultimately shape our path forward.

Jeevika Sri ‘s inspiring culinary
Jeevika Sri ‘s inspiring culinary

Apart from answering all the questions I want to share this :
Never hesitate to do what you LOVE and don’t have regrets after ,because at one point it was exactly what you wanted .It’s absolutely okay to fail sometimes because the best failures are the best learners!


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