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Purvi Dogra: MasterChef Extraordinaire and Gourmet Innovator

Purvi Dogra

Purvi Dogra Baking brings peace to my heart and calm to my storm. When I’m stressed or feeling low, she finds immense pleasure and happiness in decorating a cupcake or a cookie. This passion for baking and her love for cooking led her to embark on her journey as a MasterChef in the summer of 2022. After rigorous selection, I proudly secured a place among the top 20.

Purvi Dogra
Purvi Dogra

Her culinary creations blend art and science, balancing creativity with precision. Influenced by a rich cultural heritage and diverse culinary experiences, she strives to create fusion cuisine that connects people and preserves traditions.

Purvi Dogra started her  journey as a MasterChef?

Purvi Dogra

It began in the summer of 2022 and took over six months to be selected among the top 40. After that, it took an additional 2-3 weeks to reach the top 20.

Can you describe the intersection of art and science in your culinary creations? How do you balance creativity with precision?

I believe that cooking is an art. While everyone can cook, not everyone can create delicious and visually appealing dishes. I firmly believe that people eat with their eyes first. Therefore, even a mediocre dish, if presented beautifully, can garner more views, and likes.

 How has your cultural heritage influenced your cooking style and the flavors you prefer to work with?

Purvi Dogra

I grew up in a place where food played a very important role. My mom was an amazing cook, and my knowledge of food comes from her. She was Kashmiri, so authentic Kashmiri food is my weakness. After marrying into a Punjabi family, I learned their rich and vibrant cooking styles. Twenty-five years ago, I moved to the US, and now I cook various types of food, creating my own variations by blending traditional and modern techniques to make fusion cuisine.

 Your Favorite Dish you always wanted to have and cook?

Butter chicken is a highly celebrated dish, and since I was eliminated based on it, perfecting the recipe has become even more important to me. Now, I’m determined to find and create the best butter chicken recipe out there.

 How do you see food as a medium for preserving cultural heritage and traditions?

Purvi Dogra
Banana Pudding

Food is undoubtedly an essential part of any culture, bringing families together whether celebrating Diwali, Eid, or Christmas. We inherit recipes from our families and continue to make the same dishes over and over again, preserving traditions and memories.

In what ways can cuisine act as a bridge between different cultures, fostering understanding and appreciation?

Food connects people from all different cultures and serves as a solid foundation between diverse groups. This is why pizza is so popular around the world. Food acts as a conversation starter and transcends barriers, bringing people together regardless of their backgrounds.

What baking Means to you?

Baking brings peace to my heart and calm to my storm. When I’m stressed or feeling low, I find immense pleasure and happiness in decorating a cupcake or a cookie. It’s my way of finding calmness amidst the chaos.

 Your Top 5 favourite desserts and why you like them the most. 

Rasmalai Cake – This is the most popular dessert I make, and I love it.

Tiramisu – I like this because it is very light and doesn’t require much effort.

Mango Mousse – This is my all-time favorite.

Cupcakes – I love making these.

Chocolate Sundae – A few spoons of this bring me happiness.

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