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Vicky’s journey :From random adventures to an passionate influencer


My name is Vicky from Shimla . By profession I am a govt. Contractor but I was very much passionate towards photography and vediohraphy..and this pull towards my passion result in making me a content creator on instagram. I have been running my page  @Gedi_route_shimla from last 6 years and now its my profession and I am earning a great amount from it…i will pursuit it further also..beacuse I enjoy my work.

PC: Vicky’s Journey

How can travelers ensure they respect the local customs and traditions of the places they visit? 

Being a traveller if you are visiting any place in this era of social media please keep in mind that ask permission for taking vedios and pictures of that place and if its prohibited then please don’t click them as for making memories in your phone. Just feel the vibe and respect the tradition.

When did you started your journey as an Traveller?

I used to travel randomly with my friends and one of my friend carried a tripod with him then he suggested me to make vedios for our personal memories . I was fond of vediography and photography since my teenage and then this trigerred my passion more towards travelling.

Vickey ; at Dharamshala
PC: Vicky at HPCA Stadium

I used to admire many travel vloggers like ANUNAY SOOD & BRINDA SHARMA then one random day I thought to create a page on INSTAGRAM – GEDI ROUTE SHIMLA on 23.09.2018 & channel on YOUTUBE- GEDI ROUTE SHIMLA then I edited the clips four times and uploaded it on my media platforms then I got positive response which pushed me more towards this and now I am taking it further ahead as my career.

Shimla being a tourist place

Shimla being a tourist place Tourism had both positive and negative environment
Positives are
– Economic benefits like sales of local market , job oppurtunity .
– Infrastructure Development like roads,public facilities , pedestrians are made for both visitors and localities.
– Traditional Food exchange like Siddus , dham , khatta maas( meat).
– Pollution
– Traffic jam on roads
– Environment degradation
– Loss of authenticity .

Tourism play a vital role

Tourism play a vital role like as I said earlier If we talk about SHIMLA specifically there are lifts for public convinience , ropeway and escalators.
– It promote cultural heritage.
– Diversification of economy
– Revenue Generation.
– Shop at local stores
– Dine at local restaurants and try local dishes.
– Stay at local accomodations like homestays
– Book tours with local guides
– Dont book online cabs hire local cabs from taxi stands.

Travelled areas roads facilities

In less travelled areas roads facilities are poor as compared to tourist heavy regions
– Tourism pay less attention to those places.
– There are fewer big branded outlets for shopping.
But being less travelled area a big advantage is we can see raw and undisturbed culture and nature there.

India’s Diverse Architecture: A Tapestry of Historical and Cultural Evolution

The architecture of different regions in India reflects the rich tapestry of its historical and cultural evolution. For instance, the intricate carvings of temples in South India reflect the influence of Dravidian architecture, while the grandeur of Mughal monuments in North India showcases the Islamic architectural style.

PC: Vicky with his Charm

The presence of Buddhist stupas and monasteries in places like SPITI and DHARMASHALA depict India’s ancient spiritual heritage. Each architectural style carries the imprint of the rulers, religions, and cultures that have shaped India over millennia, offering insights into its diverse history and traditions.


The presence of Buddhist stupas and monasteries in places like each architectural style carries the imprint of the rulers, religions, and cultures that have shaped India over millennia, offering insights into its diverse history and traditions.

Embracing Nature’s Sacredness: Inspiring Conservation through Ethical, Interconnected, and Spiritual Perspectives

When people view nature as sacred, they are more likely to feel a deep connection to it and recognize their responsibility to protect and preserve it for future generations. Philosophically, several arguments support the protection of nature as a sacred duty:

1. Ethical Responsibility

2. Interconnectedness -The belief in the sacredness of nature often emphasizes the interconnectedness of all living beings.

Charm Vickey
PC: Vicky at Nainital

3. Spiritual Fulfillment -For some, experiencing the beauty and wonder of nature is a deeply spiritual experience. Protecting nature is seen as essential for the spiritual well-being of both individuals and communities.

By framing conservation efforts within the context of the sacredness of nature, individuals and communities can find motivation and inspiration to take action to protect the environment.

Vicky’s Top 5 Must-Visit Places: From Shimla’s Charm to Haridwar’s Serenity

My top five visited places till now
1.The Whole SHIMLA – because of its pleasant climate , natural beauty and last but not least its my hometown so I am in love with this place.
2. NAINITAL- Its a small town and have beautiful lakes which melts our heart & there is temple of BABA NEEM KAROLI MAHARAJ JI.
3. BAROT VALLEY H.P.- A found it very peaceful and you can see there TROUT fish farm as well which is specially cultured.


4. LAHAUL AND SPITI VALLEY – I love the tibetan food and culture of that place where you can find many monks and monastries.
5. HARIDWAR – I love to visit the place especially for relaxing my soul while attending the great devotion shown during GANGA AARTI.

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