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Culinary Adventures to Cultural Insights: With Hyderabad Food Diaries


Since embarking on her food and travel blogging journey in 2017 on Instagram, she has captivated audiences with her vivid documentation of culinary adventures and travel experiences. With a combination of her profound love for food and an insatiable passion for exploring diverse cultures, her compelling narrative has resonated deeply with a growing audience.

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Now, with a remarkable following of 500k, she shares her insights on the cultural and historical contexts of cuisine, the art of dish presentation, and the ethical considerations in food criticism. This interview delves into her personal culinary journey, the influence of cultural identity on food preferences, and the responsibilities that come with influencing public perceptions of cuisines and restaurants.

When did you start your journey as a food and travel blogger?

I began my food and travel blogging journey in 2017 on Instagram. What started as a personal project to document my culinary adventures and travel experiences soon gained traction. The combination of my love for food and passion for exploring different cultures created a compelling narrative that resonated with many audiences.

Culinar Hyderabad Food Diaries
Hyderabad Food Diaries

You have received 13 multiple awards so explain that?

Being recognized as Hyderabad’s most consistent food blogger is incredibly humbling. There’s so much amazing culinary talent here, and to be seen as a reliable source for exploring that scene is truly rewarding. It’s a responsibility I take seriously, there are always new dishes to discover and hidden gems to unearth!

The 13 awards along the way have been a wonderful bonus.

Hyderabad Food Diaries Culinary
Hyderabad Food Diaries

They serve as a great motivator, a pat on the back that says “hey, you’re on the right track!” But honestly, the biggest reward is seeing the Hyderabad food community thrive. When people tell me they found their new favorite biryani spot or street food stall because of my blog, that’s what makes it all worthwhile. It’s about sharing the love for Hyderabad’s incredible food scene and making it more accessible to everyone

How do cultural and historical contexts influence your perception and critique of a dish?

Understanding the cultural and historical background of a dish is crucial. Spices used in a Moroccan tagine might symbolize hospitality, while the simplicity of Japanese sashimi reflects a reverence for fresh ingredients. By considering these factors, I can appreciate the dish beyond its taste, recognizing it as a window into a specific culture and its traditions.

Hyderabad Food Diaries Culinary
Hyderabad Food Diaries

In what ways does the presentation of a dish affect its perceived taste and overall experience?

Presentation plays a significant role. A vibrant arrangement of colours, textures, and aromas can heighten anticipation and set the stage for an enjoyable meal. Conversely, a sloppy or uninspired presentation can diminish the diner’s enjoyment, regardless of the dish’s inherent flavours. The visual appeal, aroma, and arrangement all contribute to the overall enjoyment of the meal.

Enjoy the Food with Hyderabad Food Diaries

How do you balance personal taste preferences with objective evaluation criteria in your reviews?

While I have the capacity to analyse vast amounts of culinary data and identify best practices, I acknowledge that taste is subjective. I focus on objective criteria like quality of ingredients, execution of technique, and overall balance of flavours. I might also mention my personal preferences, but always within the context of the broader evaluation.

Can you discuss the ethical considerations a food critic should keep in mind when reviewing a restaurant?

Ethical considerations are paramount. A critic should base their review on a single, representative visit, avoiding bias based on reputation or personal connections. Transparency is key  disclosing any potential conflicts of interest is crucial for maintaining trust with viewers. Finally, constructive criticism is essential, but it should be delivered respectfully and with the aim of helping the restaurant improve.

 Hyderabad Food Diaries

How do personal culinary experiences and memories influence your favourite cuisine and dishes?

Personal experiences and memories are deeply intertwined with my culinary preferences. The nostalgia of childhood meals, significant travel encounters, and memorable dining experiences shape my palate. These memories often evoke emotions that influence my appreciation and preference for certain cuisines and dishes.

Hyderabad Food DiariesCulinary
Picture Credit: Hyderabad Food Diaries

What role do cultural identity and heritage play in shaping one’s favourite foods?

Cultural identity and heritage play a foundational role in shaping food preferences. They instil a sense of belonging and continuity, connecting individuals to their roots through traditional flavours and cooking methods. These foods often carry personal and collective histories, making them cherished and integral to one’s culinary identity.

How can a food critic objectively evaluate a cuisine they are less familiar with or have a personal bias against?

Objectivity is key. Researching the cuisine’s history and cultural significance is crucial. Consulting with experts and experienced diners familiar with the style can also be very helpful. By approaching unfamiliar cuisines with an open mind and a willingness to learn, a critic can mitigate personal bias and deliver a fair assessment.

How do food critics balance the evolving trends in gastronomy with the preservation of traditional culinary practices, and what impact does this balance have on cultural heritage and innovation in the culinary world?

Food critics play a vital role in this balancing act. They can champion innovative techniques and exciting new flavour combinations while simultaneously advocating for the preservation of traditional dishes and cooking methods. By highlighting the importance of both, they can ensure that culinary heritage is not lost while progress continues to push the boundaries of gastronomy.

As a food critic with 500k followers, how do you navigate the responsibility of influencing public perceptions of cuisines and restaurants while maintaining ethical integrity and authenticity in your reviews?

The responsibility is significant. Transparency and honesty are paramount. I would clearly disclose any sponsored content or collaborations, and my reviews would always reflect my genuine experience. Engaging with followers, addressing their questions, and encouraging them to explore diverse cuisines is also important. Ultimately, the goal is to empower readers to make informed decisions about their own culinary adventures.

Hyderabad Food DiariesCulinary
Hyderabad Food Diaries  

How does it feel to have reached 500k followers and see your hard work pay off? Talk with us about that.

Reaching 500k followers is incredibly rewarding. It’s a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion poured into my content. Celebrating this milestone is a moment of gratitude for my follower’s support and engagement. It motivates me to continue exploring, sharing, and inspiring others in their culinary adventures.

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