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Mamata Banerjee’s Trust in Anubrata Mondal Evident as TMC Recast Unfolds in Birbhum

Mamata Banerjee

On Tuesday, Mamata Banerjee took a significant step by restructuring the organisational core committee of the Trinamul Congress in Birbhum, which is geared towards overseeing the party’s preparations for the 2024 Lok Sabha polls in the district. Notably, this move comes in the wake of the absence of Anubrata Mondal, who was a prominent figure within the party but is currently under arrest by the CBI due to his alleged involvement in cattle smuggling.

Sheikh Kajal, the Zilla sabhadhipati, had emerged as a critical figure within the party in Mondal’s absence, but surprisingly, he has been removed from the committee. This restructuring signals Mamata Banerjee’s strategic recalibration of leadership roles within the party, reflecting efforts to navigate the challenges posed by Mondal’s legal situation and ensure a cohesive and effective approach leading up to the crucial 2024 elections.

Mamata Banerjee decision

Mamata Banerjee’s decision to restructure the Trinamul Congress’s core committee in Birbhum revealed during a closed-door meeting with local leaders at her Kalighat residence, holds significant implications. Despite his current legal challenges, the move underscores Mamata Banerjee’s continued reliance on her trusted strongman, Anubrata Mondal. The decision, particularly the removal of Sheikh Kajal and the reconstruction of the core committee with members loyal to Mondal, reflects Mamata Banerjee’s unwavering faith in her old guard to secure victory in Birbhum’s two crucial Lok Sabha seats — Birbhum and Bolpur.

The chief minister’s emphasis on maintaining the integrity of Mondal’s team in their organisational roles signifies her strategic approach to navigating the political landscape and maintaining cohesion within the party, especially in light of her dissatisfaction with Sheikh Kajal’s activities. This decision reinforces Mamata Banerjee’s commitment to a seasoned and trusted leadership structure as the party prepares for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Birbhum MP Satabdi Roy, when questioned about the removal of Sheikh Kajal from the core committee, deferred comment, stating, “Only Mamata Banerjee can say about this. I can’t comment.” The newly constituted core committee now comprises five members, including Minister and Bolpur MLA Chandranath Sinha, Labhpur MLA Abhijit Sinha, Deputy Speaker and Rampurhat MLA Asish Banerjee, Suri MLA Bikash Roy Chowdhury, and Trinamul leader Sudipta Ghosh.

During the closed-door meeting, Mamata Banerjee reportedly scolded Sheikh Kajal, citing an incident where he left a meeting convened by Birbhum district magistrate Bidhan Ray at Santiniketan Pous Mela due to his dissatisfaction with the seating arrangement. Mamata warned Kajal to be cautious, stating, “How dare you? Why did you come out from a meeting called by the district magistrate? I warn you (Kajal) to be careful.”

It’s noteworthy that MP Abhishek Banerjee did not attend the meeting, adding an exciting dimension to the dynamics within the party. The developments suggest internal recalibrations and discussions to streamline party strategies, especially with an eye on the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2024.

The political dynamics between the Congress and TMC appear strained as Rahul Gandhi’s assertion of strong relations with TMC leader Mamata Banerjee faced challenges during a closed-door organizational meeting in Birbhum. Mamata Banerjee expressed displeasure with the Congress over seat-sharing issues, particularly in a district considered a TMC stronghold.

Despite Rahul Gandhi’s claim, Mamata Banerjee urged TMC leaders to prepare for the electoral battle independently, signaling potential tensions over alliance discussions. In this context, comments from other party leaders, including Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, are downplayed by the TMC, with assurances that such remarks won’t disrupt the overall relations between the two parties. The situation suggests ongoing complexities and negotiations as the TMC navigates its electoral strategy, emphasizing the need to secure victory in both Lok Sabha seats in Birbhum.

Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, a Congress MP, emphasized the party’s independent stance in the upcoming elections, stating that the Congress would not contest the polls at the mercy of Mamata Banerjee. He referred to the 2011 elections when Mamata Banerjee ascended to power with what he described as the “mercy of Congress.

” Chowdhury asserted that this time, the Congress would not rely on such considerations, highlighting the party’s past success in defeating both the BJP and TMC in the seats that Mamata Banerjee is now vacating. In his view, Mamata Banerjee is considered an opportunist who initially came to power in 2011 with the support of the Congress. These remarks underscore the complexities and potential strains in the relationship between the Congress and TMC as they navigate their electoral strategies in West Bengal.

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