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IDF Reports Devastating Loss: 24 Soldiers Killed in a Single Day in Gaza Amid Escalating Israel-Gaza Conflict

IDF Reports Devastating Loss

IDF Reports Devastating Loss: The Israeli army confirmed that 24 of its soldiers were killed in Gaza on Monday, marking the deadliest day for its forces since the commencement of their ground operation. Among the casualties were 21 reservists who died in an explosion, likely caused by mines placed by Israeli forces in two buildings for demolition. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) later clarified that the explosion was triggered by rocket-propelled grenade fire from a militant squad that surprised the force during the operation in central Gaza, near the kibbutz of Kissufim on the Israeli side of the border.

This incident occurred at around 16:00 (14:00 GMT) on Monday, as the reservists were involved in an operation to facilitate the safe return of residents to their homes in southern Israel following evacuations prompted by a previous Hamas attack on October 7. In response to the Israeli operation, Gaza’s Hamas-run Health Ministry reported 195 Palestinian casualties in the past day. The first funerals for the soldiers killed in the explosion took place at Mount Herzl in rainy Jerusalem.

Mourners at the soldiers’ funerals in Jerusalem were seen wearing military uniforms, and the atmosphere was filled with blue and white Israeli flags. The Israeli military had previously confirmed that three officers were killed in a separate attack in southern Gaza on the same day. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that despite the suffering, Israel would continue its offensive until achieving “absolute victory.”

In Gaza, fierce fighting occurred near three hospitals in Khan Younis, which were particularly crowded with displaced people. The IDF announced the complete encirclement of the city, a primary focus of its ground offensive against Hamas. Israel suspects that Hamas leaders may be hiding there and that it might be the location of Israeli hostages. The IDF reported numerous local gunmen killed, discovering rockets ready to fire, tunnel shafts, and a significant arsenal of weapons.

Palestinians reported civilian casualties, including women and children, in the city. They claimed that Israeli blockades and the storming of hospitals had hindered rescue efforts, leaving the wounded and dead beyond reach. Due to safety concerns, the deceased were being buried within the grounds of Nasser Hospital. Another hospital, Al-Khair, in the al-Mawasi area to the west, was reportedly stormed by Israeli forces, leading to the arrest of staff. Israel initiated the conflict to destroy Hamas after previous attacks by the group resulted in significant civilian casualties and hostages.

IDF Reports Devastating Loss

Following the October 7 attacks, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) launched air strikes and ground operations in Gaza. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Israel’s clear goal is to destroy Hamas’s military and governing capabilities and free the hostages. Western powers, including Israel, the UK, and the US, classify Hamas as a terrorist organization. Netanyahu declared that Israel would assume overall security responsibility for Gaza indefinitely after the conflict, but he later clarified that there were no plans for the reoccupation of the territory.

To support the operation, Israel drafted 300,000 reservists, augmenting its standing force of 160,000.
After the temporary truce ended, Israeli troops expanded their ground offensive into southern Gaza, targeting Hamas and other armed groups in and around Khan Younis.

The operations have now extended into refugee camps in central Gaza. The IDF conducted numerous airstrikes on Rafah, near the Egyptian border, urging Khan Younis residents to evacuate. Intense fighting has also been reported in the north, particularly around the Jabalia refugee camp and the Shejaiya district of Gaza City, where an estimated 100,000 civilians remain. Israel claims to have killed thousands of Hamas fighters and arrested hundreds during the war. Since the start of the ground offensive on October 27, the IDF reports 167 Israeli soldiers killed.

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