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IPL 2024: KKR earn top position with 106-run victory over DC

KKR gets the second highest aggregate of history in IPL 2024.

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) blew away the Dehli Capitals  by a huge 106-run margin to earn the top position.  Last Wednesday, Sunrisers Hyderabad set a record for the highest IPL score, 277. It was the second highest scores in the history of IPL. KKR played well in all the departments last night. Vaibhav Arora took the wicket of Shaw, and Varun Chakravarthy made a brilliant effort and went for a low catch, diving forward. The ball was outside off, and the ball swung into Prithvi Shaw.

He tried to play over mid-on but missed the hit, and Varun Chakravarthy took a brilliant and tough catch.
Meanwhile, Mitchell Starc took Marsh’s wicket, which was Starc’s first IPL 2024 wicket. Marsh tried to drive the ball with lots of power. Ramandeep was on the cover point.

The ball went and was stuck on his hand, and it was poor by Delhi Capitals, and KKR got another wicket. On the other hand, Arora took the wicket of Abhishek Porel. It was a catch from a fine leg.
Mitchell Starc, known for his lethal pace and ability to swing the ball, etched another memorable moment in the annals of cricket rivalry between bowlers and batters.

This time, the stage was set for a classic encounter within an internal scrimmage, where teammates turned temporary adversaries, showcasing the high caliber of talent within the Australian squad. The moment of magic came when Starc was bowling to David Warner, a batsman renowned for his aggressive and dominating style of play.

The sun was casting long shadows on the field, intensifying the atmosphere as Starc began his run-up, eyes locked on the prize – Warner’s wicket. The fielders were on their toes, anticipating a critical juncture in this friendly yet fiercely competitive internal match. Starc, with a concoction of speed and guile up his sleeve, decided it was time to outsmart Warner, who was looking increasingly comfortable at the crease.

The delivery was a masterclass in deception. Starc, running in full tilt, released a good length ball targeting what is known in cricketing parlance as the ‘fifth stump’ – a line just outside the batsman’s off-stump, enticing but perilous for any shot selection.

Warner, ever the aggressor, saw what he believed to be an opportunity to assert his dominance, attempting a cut shot, a stroke that requires ample room to free the arms. However, the ball could have offered the width and space he anticipated.

Starc had cunningly taken pace off the ball, a tactic often used to disrupt a batsman’s timing. Warner picked up on this subtle change when it was too late. As he went through with the cut shot, the ball kept slightly lower and closer to him than he expected, resulting in an under-edge. The contact was not clean, and the ball made its way to the ground, but the trajectory fatally altered towards the stumps.

After the destruction of KKR, Pant celebrated his successive fifty.
©- Delhi Capitals/ X

The silence that followed was palpable as players and spectators alike processed the spectacle. Warner, a figure of immense prowess and confidence, stood momentarily frozen, ruing the lapse in judgment that led to his downfall. The ball had ricocheted off the deck, gently kissing the stumps and dislodging the bails in a slow-motion dance that felt like an eternity to Warner.

Starc’s celebration subdued, a nod to his respect for Warner, but his eyes sparkled with the satisfaction of outsmarting one of the game’s best. This moment was a testament to Starc’s skill and intelligence as a bowler, able to adjust his flying tactics and execute precisely.

The incident replayed on the big screen, with each frame dissecting the build-up, the delivery, and the outcome, allowing fans and aspiring cricketers to marvel at the intricacies of this beautiful game. Starc’s change of pace on the wicket ball was a masterful stroke, a reminder of the psychological warfare that plays out amid physical prowess on the cricket field.

In a thrilling display of cricket, KKR dominated the field, clinching a massive 106-run victory. The highlight reel buzzed with wickets tumbling, but none more pivotal than Stubbs’ fiery 54 off 32, halted by Varun’s clever bowling, caught by Starc. The tail couldn’t withstand KKR’s bowling arsenal, with Narine and Arora picking off Kumar and Salam, showcasing strategic field placements and sharp bowling. KKR’s win was a testament to their all-around prowess, leaving fans exhilarated.

In a spectacular power-hitting showcase, the match turned into a carnival of sixes, lighting up the stadium with breathtaking shots. Venkatesh Iyer set the tone, launching the ball with majestic ease over the bowler’s head, signalling the onslaught. Rinku Singh then took centre stage against Nortje, displaying a masterclass in timing and brute force. He delivered a trio of sixes rapidly, each more audacious than the last, including one that astonishingly travelled 59 rows deep.

Not to be outdone, Shreyas Iyer and Russell joined the six-hitting spree, sending balls sailing over the boundary with ease and flair. Russell’s hit, mis-hit though it was, hung in the air as if suspended by strings before landing beyond reach, adding to the spectacle.

The series of sixes was not just a display of raw power but a statement of intent, as the batters dominated the bowlers in a relentless pursuit of victory, leaving fans and opponents alike in awe of their sheer dominance and skill.

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Shreyas Iyer KKR Skipper Statement

In this statement, Shreyas Iyer reflects on his team’s unexpectedly high score and approach to the game, indicating that while they initially aimed for around 210-220, achieving 270 runs was a delightful bonus. He reiterates the pre-game strategy mentioned in the toss interview, highlighting Sunny’s (Sunil Narine) aggressive role in taking on the bowlers during the powerplay, with a backup plan for others to step in if necessary.

Iyer praises Raghuvanshi for his fearless batting from the outset, commendable work ethic, and ability to analyze situations, noting that his imaginative play and visually appealing shots have been instrumental. On the bowling front, Iyer is pleased with the performance of Starc and Varun, who have taken crucial wickets, appreciating the collective effort and support among the bowlers observed in recent games.

He expresses concern for Harshit Rana, who seemed to be struggling with a shoulder issue, showing empathy based on his experience with shoulder injuries. Iyer also commends Vaibhav for his resilience and ability to take wickets after an initially expensive spell, highlighting the importance of such character in the team.

Concluding, Iyer emphasizes the need for humility and staying grounded, especially given the unpredictable nature of the IPL, where they’ve achieved three wins in three games.

Rishabh Pant Statement
In this statement, Rishabh Pant provides a reflective and honest assessment of his team’s performance, acknowledging the collective and individual aspects that fell short during the match. He begins by conceding that the bowlers did not perform to their usual standards, a critical factor in their failure to compete effectively on the day.


Emphasizing a team ethos focused on aggressive play, Pant prefers a bold approach to chasing down targets, valuing effort and the collective attempt to achieve a goal over cautious or conservative play. He also addresses the issue of missed reviews, attributing the oversight to external factors such as the noisy environment and technical issues with the on-field screen, which made decision-making more challenging.

The decision to limit the use of spin, particularly Axar Patel’s bowling, was strategic, based on the match’s specific conditions and the fast bowlers’ performance, though Pant hints at reconsidering such decisions. He underscores the importance of learning from these experiences, suggesting that reflection and a positive outlook are crucial for improvement.

Pant concludes with a personal note on his physical condition and mentality, indicating resilience and a balanced perspective on the highs and lows of the cricketing world.

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