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Elitty: Adding a hint of Quirk and Colour to Your Makeup Routine


In a world where the essence of beauty is often confined within the rigid boundaries of standards and expectations, Elitty emerges as a beacon of self-expression and creativity for the youth.

Founded by the visionary entrepreneur Vailina Tulsani in 2021, Elitty is more than just a makeup brand; it is a movement towards empowering teenagers to define their unique identity. With a foundation deeply rooted in ethical sourcing, inclusive product development, and a commitment to sustainability, Elitty invites young individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Through its vibrant palette of products designed for sensitive teen skin, Elitty transcends conventional beauty narratives, offering a platform where makeup becomes an extension of one’s personality, devoid of judgment and full of possibilities.

When did you Started your journey as an entrepreneur?

Vailina Tulsani embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in 2021. Prior to founding Elitty, she seized the opportunity to incubate a health and wellness brand called Xante, where she held the position of CEO and Co-Founder with a minor equity stake. Transitioning to Elitty at the end of 2021, Vailina brought her experience and passion to the world of makeup and beauty.

How does Elitty facilitate a journey of self-discovery and expression among teenagers through its makeup products?

Elitty offers a diverse range of colors, providing a platform for self-expression, particularly for young girls in India. Rather than simply instilling confidence or boldness, Elitty sees makeup as an art form, offering a canvas for creativity and individuality. Through a myriad of colors, they empower girls to experiment with graphic eye looks and create intricate designs on their faces. Elitty aims to foster a unique relationship between young girls and makeup, one centered around self-expression and creativity. This journey will continue to evolve with their distinctive product offerings.

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Can you elaborate on the ethical sourcing of your rare ingredients like Witch Hazel, Amla, Avocado Oil, and Vitamin E, and what steps does Elitty take to ensure environmental sustainability in its production processes?

Elitty collaborates with reputable manufacturers who also produce products for well-known brands in India. They meticulously source all ingredients for Elitty products, including Amla oil, Avocado, Vitamin E, and more, ensuring safety for those with sensitive skin. Prioritizing sustainability, Elitty adheres to vegan, cruelty-free, and clean practices, upholding ethical standards throughout their production process.

In what ways does Elitty ensure that its products are not only teen-skin friendly but also contribute to the long-term health and vitality of young skin?

Elitty rigorously tests all products at certified labs, conducting patch tests on batches of 30 individuals with sensitive skin. These tests are conducted meticulously and accurately by derma-approved labs, ensuring the safety and efficacy of their products. While Elitty is not currently a skincare brand, all their products receive derma approval to guarantee quality and safety for their customers.

How does Elitty address the diverse needs and cultural backgrounds of teenagers in its product development and marketing strategies?

Elitty is currently prioritizing the diverse needs of their customers, with a primary focus on eye products and some attention to lips and skin. Their commitment to inclusivity extends to offering unisex products, ensuring that individuals of all genders, as well as members of the LGBTQ community, can enjoy and use their products confidently.

How does Elitty balance creating teen-centric makeup products while also gaining the approval and trust of parents? What role do parents play in the dialogue about makeup and self-expression that Elitty encourages?

Parents are reassured when their teenage daughters use makeup products that prioritize skin safety. Elitty earns parental approval through their meticulously formulated products. By crafting vibrant color assortments and product offerings that resonate with the desires and needs of teenagers and Gen Z individuals, Elitty secures the endorsement of young consumers. Additionally, their commitment to safe ingredients and formulations garners approval from parents, ensuring peace of mind for all parties involved.

Beyond selling makeup, does Elitty have any initiatives or programs aimed at educating teens about skincare, makeup application, and the importance of self-care?

Elitty is actively engaged in hosting offline events where they engage with customers and teenagers, imparting valuable insights into makeup tips and tricks. Through various groups and forums, they foster discussions on a regular basis. While they currently emphasize showcasing makeup looks via social media, they are considering introducing initiatives geared towards educating teams on skincare and makeup application. Although such endeavors are not imminent, they envision rolling out more educational content on skincare in approximately 12 to 14 months. Presently, their primary focus revolves around crafting innovative makeup looks, exploring techniques for enhancing one’s eyes, and experimenting with colors to create unique and captivating aesthetics.

How does Elitty measure the impact of its products and services on the self-esteem and confidence of its teenage customers?

Elitty is committed to offering teen makeup products that resonate with their individuality and are specially tailored for them. By providing curated and formulated makeup, Elitty instills a sense of ownership and confidence in teenagers, empowering them to express themselves authentically. Rather than emphasizing conformity or confidence, Elitty prioritizes providing a platform for self-expression in a non-judgmental environment, allowing individuals to freely showcase their unique identities and preferences.

What innovative approaches does Elitty take in product formulation and design to cater specifically to teenage needs and preferences?

Elitty dedicates extensive research to develop formulations free from harmful chemicals, specifically tailored to cater to the needs of sensitive teenage skin. While prioritizing skin health, they also ensure vibrant color assortments and pop shades remain integral, providing teenagers with a diverse range of options that align with their preferences, offering both safety and style.

Looking forward, how does Elitty plan to evolve its products and services to continue meeting the changing needs and expectations of teenagers and their relationship with makeup?

Elitty strives to be at the forefront of trends, offering uniquely innovative products that are not yet available in the Indian market but are globally recognized for their ingenuity. Their aim is to revolutionize the entire category, ensuring that young consumers have access to cutting-edge products without the need to rely on international sources. This commitment to staying ahead of the curve drives Elitty’s mission to continually introduce groundbreaking offerings to the Indian market, cementing their position as leaders in innovation and trendsetting.

What specific experiences or insights from your own teen years motivated you and your team of stellar women to create Elitty, and how do these personal experiences shape the brand’s ethos?

Growing up, she often found herself drawn to her mother’s makeup products, despite concerns about the chemicals they contained. Despite this, she was always excited to experiment with them. Through her own experiences and conversations with numerous teenagers and their parents, she discovered a shared excitement and curiosity about makeup. This insight highlighted a clear need for a brand tailored specifically to this demographic—a brand that teenagers could truly call their own, eliminating the need to rely on borrowed makeup. Motivated by her own journey and the collective experiences of others, she was inspired to create a brand uniquely suited to cater to this segment.

In an industry often associated with unrealistic beauty standards, how does Elitty redefine the concept of makeup as “unadulterated” and “non-airbrushed,” and what impact does this philosophy have on the self-perception and confidence of teenage consumers?

Elitty is committed to maintaining authentic beauty standards, embracing the belief that everyone is inherently beautiful. They empower individuals to define their own relationship with makeup, free from judgment or scrutiny. Elitty encourages individuals to explore and experiment with makeup, allowing them to create a beauty that resonates with their unique identity. This ethos is reflected in their brand philosophy of promoting an unadulterated and non-airbrushed perception, fostering a space where individuals can express themselves freely and confidently.

Can you elaborate on how Elitty empowers teenagers to define their own relationship with makeup, and what role choice and autonomy play in this process?

For many young girls, their first experiences with makeup often involve using adult beauty brands from their parents or experimenting for the first time. Elitty aims to shift the perception that makeup is solely for achieving glamorous or bold looks. Instead, they emphasize that the relationship with makeup is deeply personal, offering opportunities for confidence, glamour, or a more subtle approach, depending on individual preferences. Elitty empowers young girls by removing judgments and encouraging them to explore and define their own unique bond with makeup, placing complete control in their hands.

Beyond its product offerings, how does Elitty integrate principles of sustainability and ethical practices into its business model, and what steps does the brand take to minimize its environmental impact?

 AS a young brand, Elitty prioritizes partnering with manufacturers who uphold ethical standards and practice sustainability. This ensures their commitment to responsible sourcing and production practices. However, in the long term, Elitty envisions establishing their own setup to directly oversee and implement sustainable practices throughout their operations.



















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