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Yearender 2023 From Rafale Marine jets to anti-tank NLOS missiles, India’s top defence achievements this year


Yearender 2023, India's top defence achievements, Army, Navy, Air Force
Image Source : INDIA TV A look at India’s top defence achievements in 2023.

Yearender 2023: A lot has happened in India’s defence arena over the last 12 months, as the Ministry of Defence has taken several key steps to bolster the Armed Forces. The Indian Armed Forces comprise of three divisions – the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force. The Government of India is responsible for ensuring the defence of the nation and every part thereof. From successfully test-firing BrahMos missile to the induction of INS Tarmugli to the induction of the first C-295 aircraft to the Indian Air Force, the year has proven to be a successful year for the defence sector. 

As the year 2023 draws to a close, here’s a quick roundup of the country’s top defence achievements this year. 

From BrahMos to ALH MK-III, Defence Ministry clears Rs 70,000 crore purchase list

The Ministry of Defence approved proposals worth over Rs 70,000 crore for buying different weapon systems for the Indian defence forces. The ministry gave its nod for proposals to buy 60 Made-in-India Utility Helicopters Marine and BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles for the Indian Navy, 307 ATAGS howitzers for the Indian Army, and 9 ALH Dhruv choppers for the Indian Coast Guard. The deal also includes a mega order of Rs 32,000 crore for the Indian Navy to buy 60 UH Marine choppers from the HAL. For the Navy, BrahMos missiles, Shakti EW systems and utility helicopters-Mariime, have been cleared. Meanwhile, 155mm/52 Caliber ATAGS, along with High Mobility & Gun Towing vehicles, will be procured for the Indian Army.

India Tv - Yearender 2023, India's top defence achievements, Brahmos

Image Source : PTIBrahMos supersonic cruise missile.

‘Pralay’ ballistic missiles for Army

The Defence Ministry has approved the procurement of a regiment of ‘Pralay’ ballistic missiles for the Indian Army for deployment along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and Line of Control (LoC). The missile can hit targets between 150-500 Km. ‘Pralay’ is a quasi-ballistic surface-to-surface missile. The advanced missile has been developed in a way to be able to defeat interceptor missiles. It has the ability to change its path after covering a certain range in midair. The acquisition of these ballistic missiles is being seen as a big development for the country which now has a policy that allows the use of ballistic missiles in tactical roles.

India Tv - Yearender 2023, India's top defence achievements

Image Source : PTIPralay ballistic missile has the capability to destroy enemy targets within a range of 150 to 500 km.

‘Agni Prime’ ballistic missile

India successfully flight-tested the ‘Agni Prime’ New Generation Ballistic Missile off the coast of Odisha on June 7. According to officials, the ballistic missile was testfired by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Island. This was the first pre-induction night launch conducted by the users after three successful developmental trials of the missile, validating the accuracy and reliability of the system. Range Instrumentation like Radar, Telemetry and Electro-Optical Tracking Systems were deployed at different locations, including two down-range ships, at the terminal point to capture flight data covering the entire trajectory of the vehicle.

India Tv - Yearender 2023, India's top defence achievements

Image Source : PTIAgni Prime missile was test-fired by Defence Research and Development Organisation.

70,000 Sig Sauer assault rifles for Army

The Indian Army will get 70,000 additional ‘Sig Sauer’ assault rifles which will be provided to troops deployed in counterterrorism operations and other duties. The approval for the procurement was granted at a recently held high-level meeting of the Defence Ministry. These American-made assault guns, which are being used by personnel in the Kashmir valley and the Ladakh section of the China front, have already resulted in over 70,000 indictments by India. The force originally decided to purchase these rifles because it desired a weapon with a greater range. It is said to be more lethal than the INSAS Rifle or the AK-47 and its variants in the service.

India Tv - Yearender 2023: India's top defence achievements, Sig Sauer assault rifles

Image Source : XAn image of the Sig Sauer assault rifle.

Navy’s indigenous guided missile destroyer ‘Imphal’

The Indian Navy’s latest indigenous guided missile destroyer, Imphal (Yard 12706), scored a “Bulls Eye” in its maiden BrahMos missile firing at sea. It was the first ever test-firing of an Extended Range BrahMos missile before a ship’s commissioning. The development underscores the Indian Navy’s unwavering focus on Combat Readiness, Atmanirbhar Bharat’s growing shipbuilding prowess and the assured reliability of indigenous weapons and platforms. The Indian Navy also tested its Extended range capacity.

India Tv - Yearender 2023: India's top defence achievements

Image Source : PTIAn image of the indigenous guided missile destroyer ‘Imphal’.

‘INS Tarmugli’ commissioned into Navy

The Indian Navy inducted the fast attack craft, INS Tarmugli, to its fleet. The ship has the unique distinction of having served under the flag of two nations with three names during her distinguished service till date. The ship was commissioned into MNDF as MCGS Huravee on April 16, 2006, and served there till its decommissioning in May 2023. The warship is fitted with MTU engines, the latest communication equipment, a 30 mm gun and an advanced Radar system and will be extensively used for coastal surveillance and protection of our ODAs in the KG Basin area along the East Coast of India. The ship is named after Tarmugli Island, a small island in the Andaman group.

India Tv - Yearender 2023: India's top defence achievements

Image Source : XINS Tarmugli commissioned into the Indian Navy.

Rafale Marine jets for Navy

The defence ministry approved the purchase of the Rafale Marine jets from France. It has been done primarily for deployment on board the indigenously built aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. In an attempt to provide a boost to the Indian Navy’s aircraft carriers, India also initiated a deal worth USD 6 million with France for the acquisition of 26 Rafale Marine aircraft. The procurement includes 22 single-seated Rafale marine aircraft and four twin-seater trainer versions. In this regard, India also submitted a ‘Letter of Request’ to the French government and the deal is under negotiation. The Rafale Marine jets will replace the currently deployed MiG-29s.

India Tv - Yearender 2023: India's top defence achievements

Image Source : PTIAn image of the Rafale Marine jet.

Anti-tank Spike NLOS missiles from Israel

The Indian Air Force (IAF) received the Spike Non Line of Sight (NLOS) anti-tank guided missiles from Israel to strengthen its capabilities to destroy enemy targets hidden behind mountains. The NLOS missiles will now be integrated with the Russian-origin fleet of Mi-17V5 helicopters, which will be capable of taking out targets from long distances and will be particularly effective against enemy targets and assets hidden behind mountains or hills. It is an anti-tank guided missile developed and designed by the Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. It can hit targets from distances up to 30 km. It is available in man-portable, vehicle-launched, and helicopter-launched variants. The air-launched NLOS ATGMs can carry out strikes at its ground targets from standoff distances.

India Tv - Yearender 2023: India's top defence achievements

Image Source : SOCIAL MEDIAAnti-tank Spike NLOS missiles can target up to 30 km.

Indigenous high-speed flying wing UAV

A successful flight trial of an indigenous high-speed flying-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) was carried out in Karnataka’s Chitradurga on December 15. It led India into an elite club of nations to have the technology to produce such a platform. The autonomous flying wing technology demonstrator has been developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). The intricate arrowhead wing platform of the aircraft prototype is designed and produced using lightweight carbon prepreg composite, an indigenously developed material. Without the need for ground radars/infrastructure/pilot, the autonomous landing of this high-speed UAV, showcased a unique capability demonstration, allowing take-off and landing from any runway with surveyed coordinates.

India Tv - Yearender 2023: India's top defence achievements

Image Source : PTIDRDO carried out a successful flight trial of the Autonomous Flying Wing Technology Demonstrator.

IAF gets C-295 transport aircraft from Spain

The Indian Air Force (IAF) received the delivery of its first C-295 transport aircraft from Spain’s Airbus Defence and Space in the month of September. The defence ministry had inked a contract with Airbus for as many as 56 aircraft at a cost of Rs 21,935 crore. The induction of these aircraft is anticipated to significantly boost the capabilities of the Indian Air Force. The Indian Air Force has ordered these aircraft with a commitment to bolster its transport fleet. The C-295 transport is a robust, reliable and highly versatile tactical transport. It is capable of carrying up to nine tonnes of payload or as many as 71 troops at a maximum cruise speed of 260 knots. It is capable of being equipped for the air-to-air refuelling of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.

India Tv - Yearender 2023: India's top defence achievements

Image Source : WIKIMEDIA COMMONSA photo showing an Airbus C-295 aircraft.

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