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Vitor Roque: The Exciting Brazilian Talent Arrived at Barcelona

Brazil’s youth have long been known for their unique, exciting, and successful playing style, which appeals to elite European clubs and makes supporters around the footballing world happy. Brazilian Players who have performed at the greatest level of FIFA and European club competition are previously Rolando, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Romario and recently Neymar, Vinicius, Rodrigo. Endrick and Vitor Roque, who have already secured positions with two of the top European competitor teams, are considered the next big things in Brazilian football.

Vitor Roque has already arrived at Barcelona and started his training with the first team. Born in 2005, Vitor Roque is one of Brazilian football’s most brilliant gems. It took the teenage striker just two seasons in the Brazilian Serie A to showcase his immense potential to the football world. He had to adjust to new positions and playing styles after switching teams, but he persevered in scoring goals, displaying a wonderful attitude and a well-rounded and versatile attacking profile. Now he came to the side of FC BARCELONA which has perfectly balanced youth and experience combination.

Vitor Roque returns to training.
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Vitor Roque: Successor of Lewandowski at Barcelona:

Vitor Roque plays practically every attacking position; however, he primarily begins as a striker. Because of his skills, he can also play as a playmaker, winger, or second striker, which is his secondary position. The Brazilian is distinguished by his robustness, physical quirkiness, fearlessness, efficacy in achieving his goals, and persistence. Here Xavi can use him as a Potential No 9 as the form of the Marquee striker Robert Lewandowski is declining day by day and thus a goal drought is seen in this season. The inclusion of Vitor Roque can be a great Christmas gift for Catalan fans as the club is still on the race of UEFA champion league, LaLiga tittle and Copa del Rey.

Vitor Roque: Is he a Barca type striker or overhyped?

Vitor Roque exhibits great technical, athletic, and tactical skills which makes him a complete attacker. The ability to score goals with ease and having a killing instinct are two exceptional qualities in a striker, and Vitor Roque excels in both areas. He can move creatively and threateningly off the ball. He enjoys using strong, quick space attacks to break through the opposition’s defense and provides constant, positive options throughout the game.

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In addition to being a fantastic player in the penalty box, he also has excellent ball striking ability with both feet, which enables him to score from a variety of distances, including mid-and long-range shots. However, he makes a lot more of an impact on the game than simply in the final third.

With his ability to move between lines to help the midfield, force defenders out of position, and inject energy into the action, he boasts strong combination abilities. In addition to his strong effect during the build-up phase, he also has a great deal of influence in the opposing half. His vision and ability to filter precise passes to attackers make him an excellent option for a playmaker and give assist also. Because of his strong physical attributes, he may also serve as the primary point of reference, holding the ball as it is passed to him, shielding it from defenders, and absorbing hits so that he can be a pivot and launch an attack.

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Unique and effective striking profile of Vitor Roque: 

Vitor Roque possesses robust characteristics that make him the unbalanced profile of the assault, as he moves and acts vertically. He can defeat his guy in confined or open areas because to his outstanding technique and innovative dribbling abilities. The Brazilian is quite explosive in his first steps; he is powerful and aggressive, and he can move in a vertical manner while the ball is at his feet. Because of all these qualities, he can fit into practically any playing style and can change roles to suit the situation. Here Xavi in both seasons played some pragmatic style of football for which Roque type of player is very much needed to the squad.

Even when they do not have the ball, Vitor Roque is a cunning presser who can create scoring opportunities by positioning himself properly during the off-ball phase and knowing when to pressure opponents into making a mistake. His power and physicality provide him an intimidating presence on the field. He can be counted on to win death balls and to be dependable in both ground and air battles. He also feels at ease in contact situations. He works very hard, demonstrating loyalty and willingness to make concessions for his teammates.

New Challenge awaits in Barcelona for Vitor Roque: 

Vitor Roque is an ideal transfer for FC BARCELONA in the long-term high quality assurance and the immediate effect. The young Brazilian attacker has a versatile skill set that allows him to play in any style or pace. Considered to be one of the game’s greatest players, he now faces a formidable battle to show off all of his football skills and untapped potential.

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