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TOP Wicket Taker in WPL 2024

TOP Wicket Taker the picture has been taken from Royal Challengres Bangalore Whats app channel

TOP Wicket Taker: The Women’s Premier League (WPL) 2024 has been a spectacular showcase of talent, competitiveness, and sportsmanship, capturing the imagination of cricket fans worldwide. Among the standout performances, the bowlers have played a pivotal role in turning the tide of matches, often under high-pressure situations. The clash between Royal Challengers Bangalore Women (RCBW) and Delhi Capitals Women (DCW) was no exception, with some exceptional bowling performances lighting up the tournament.

Bowlers in the WPL 2024 have been at the forefront, demonstrating skill, precision, and the ability to read the game, significantly contributing to their team’s successes. Their performances have been about taking wickets and maintaining pressure through tight bowling spells, which has often dictated the course of the matches.

As the tournament progresses, the race for the highest wicket-taker heats up, bringing excitement and anticipation among fans and players alike. This accolade is not just a testament to the individual excellence of the bowlers but also highlights their crucial role in the dynamics of team strategy and success in the high-octane environment of the WPL.

The bowlers’ performance in the match between Royal Challengers Bangalore Women and Delhi Capitals Women, which Bangalore won convincingly by eight wickets, has once again underscored the importance of quality bowling in the shortest game format. These spell-binding performances make the WPL a thrilling spectacle and contribute to the growing global stature of women’s cricket.

TOP Wicket Taker

Shreyanka Patil- 13 wickets 

Shreyanka Patel’s performance in the Women’s Premier League (WPL) 2024 for the Royal Challengers Bangalore Women has been remarkable. She has emerged as a leading force in the bowling department with 13 wickets in 8 matches, over 21.3 overs and 129 deliveries. Her exceptional bowling statistics—an average of 12.08 and an economy rate of 7.3—highlight her efficiency and effectiveness on the field. Additionally, her best bowling figures of 4 wickets for 12 runs in a single match stand out as a testament to her capability to dismantle opposition batting line-ups.

Patel’s contribution to the Bangalore team has been critical. In cricket, the average indicates the number of runs a bowler concedes per wicket taken, and with Patel’s average being slightly over 12, it reflects her ability to claim wickets without being too costly. Meanwhile, an economy rate of 7.3 in the T20 format, which typically favors batters, is commendable. It shows her skill in restricting the flow of runs even when batters are aggressively looking to score.

Top wicket taker- Shreyanka Patil
Pic Credit- Mufaddal Vohra/ X

Her best figures of 4/12 would have been a turning point in whichever match it occurred in. They showcased her ability to take crucial wickets while maintaining a tight line and length. Such performances boost her team’s chances of winning and put psychological pressure on the opposition.

In the context of the WPL 2024, performances like Shreyanka Patel’s are vital for the visibility and growth of women’s cricket. The WPL aims to provide a platform for talented women cricketers worldwide to showcase their skills at a high level of competition, similar to the IPL’s impact on men’s cricket. With their standout performances, players like Patel become role models and inspire the next generation of female cricketers, contributing to the overall development of the sport.

Therefore, Shreyanka Patel’s impact in WPL 2024 extends beyond her bowling figures. It signifies the emergence of star performers in women’s cricket who can draw crowds, create moments of brilliance on the field, and ensure the success of leagues like the WPL in promoting women’s cricket globally.

Asha Shobana- 12 wickets

In the electrifying atmosphere of the Women’s Premier League (WPL) 2024, amidst fierce competition and breathtaking performances, Asha Shobana has carved out a niche for herself as a standout bowler. Representing her team across ten matches, Shobana’s prowess with the ball has been a revelation, capturing the attention of cricket enthusiasts and experts alike.

With a total haul of 12 wickets in the tournament, Shobana’s contribution to her team’s bowling lineup cannot be overstated. Throughout 26 overs, she has bowled 156 deliveries, showcasing her stamina, endurance, skill, and strategic insight. Her best performance, an impressive 5/22, is a testament to her ability to decimate opposition batting orders, turning the tide of matches with her controlled aggression and precise delivery.

Shobana’s average of 15.42 runs per wicket clearly indicates her effectiveness. Maintaining such an average is no small feat in a format where the margin for error is minuscule. It speaks volumes about her consistency and the threat she poses to batters. Furthermore, her economy rate of 7.12 in a high-scoring environment underlines her ability to contain runs, making her an invaluable asset in pressure situations.

The significance of Asha Shobana’s achievements in the WPL 2024 extends beyond the numbers. In a tournament designed to showcase the best of women’s cricket, her performances illuminate the depth of talent in the sport. Her ability to stand out in a field of world-class players highlights not just her brilliance but also the success of the WPL in providing a platform for emerging talents to shine on the world stage.

Shobana’s journey in the WPL 2024 is a narrative of resilience, skill, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Her best bowling figure, 5/22, will be remembered for the wickets she took and her statement about her potential to be one of the leading lights in women’s cricket.

As the WPL continues to grow and captivate audiences around the globe, players like Asha Shobana will be at the forefront, inspiring the next generation of cricketers. Her performances in the 2024 tournament edition are a beacon of what’s possible, not just for her but for every young girl dreaming of cricketing glory.

Asha Shobana, with her remarkable talent and dedication, is undoubtedly a star to watch in the years to come.

Sophie Molineux- The Spin Wizard of Bangalore in WPL 2024 with 12 scalps

In the competitive cauldron of the Women’s Premier League (WPL) 2024, Sophie Molineux, representing Royal Challengers Bangalore, emerged as a player and a phenomenon. Throughout a rigorous campaign of 10 matches, Molineux’s left-arm spin became the talk of the town, weaving through defenses and clinching 12 crucial wickets over 38 meticulously bowled overs.
Her journey in the tournament was marked by a defining moment—a best performance of 3 wickets for just 20 runs—highlighting her skill and ability to rise to the occasion. This standout performance became a testament to her precision and strategic depth, earning her a revered place in the annals of WPL 2024.

Sporting an average of 23.17, Molineux showcased her knack for breaking partnerships and making breakthroughs at critical junctures of the game. However, her economy rate of 7.32 underscored her value, emphasizing her ability to contain some of the most aggressive batters in the world under high-pressure scenarios.

Molineux’s story in WPL 2024 is one of resilience, adaptability, and relentless pursuit of excellence. She stood tall in a team that looked to her for inspiration, delivering performances that blended aggression with calculation. Each over she bowled, each wicket she took, was a step towards not just personal glory but also towards lifting her team in the fiercely competitive landscape of the WPL.
Her contribution to Royal Challengers Bangalore went beyond the wickets and the overs. Molineux’s presence on the field was a masterclass in spin bowling, offering lessons in control, turn, and the art of reading the batter’s mind. These qualities made her a central figure in her team’s strategy and a player to watch for the opposition.

As the WPL continues to evolve and become a cornerstone for showcasing the prowess and potential of women in cricket, stories like Sophie Molineux’s will serve as inspiration. They highlight the emergence of cricketing talent and the breaking of boundaries, both on and off the field.

Molineux’s journey through WPL 2024, punctuated by her remarkable performance and unwavering spirit, is a narrative of empowerment, echoing the essence of what the league stands for—celebrating excellence in women’s cricket.

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Marizanne Kapp- 11 wickets

During the Women’s Premier League (WPL) 2024 season, she witnessed a phenomenal performance from Marizanne Kapp, the South African all-rounder who has been a crucial asset for the Delhi Capitals. In what turned out to be an exceptional season for her, Kapp’s contributions with the ball were instrumental in shaping her team’s fortunes. Throughout seven matches, her prowess on the field was unmistakable, culminating in an impressive haul of 11 wickets with an economy rate of 6.29 and an average of 16.

Marizanne Kapp, known for her precise line and length and ability to swing the ball, made headlines with her outstanding bowling spells across the tournament. Her best performance came with an incredible figure of 3/5, showcasing her ability to easily dismantle the opposition’s batting lineup. In a format where the economy rates often soar, Kapp managed to maintain hers at a commendable 6.29 over 28 overs of bowling, highlighting her efficiency and control under pressure.

Kapp’s impact goes beyond the wickets and the numbers. Her role in the Delhi Capitals was pivotal, bringing experience and stability to the bowling unit. In a tournament that featured some of the best talents around the globe, her performance stood out, earning her accolades and admiration. The significance of her contribution is evident in the matches where her bowling changed the course of the game, proving once again why she is considered one of the best in the world.

Her average of 16 is noteworthy, especially in the T20 format, where keeping the runs in check while taking wickets is the key to success. This average indicates her ability to strike regularly, preventing partnerships from flourishing and keeping the opposition constant.

Sophie Ecclestone- 11 wickets

In the electrifying atmosphere of the Women’s Premier League (WPL) 2024, amidst the high-octane clashes and the dazzling display of cricketing prowess, Sophie Ecclestone, the English left-arm spinner, emerged as a cornerstone for the UP warrior (UP) team. With a remarkable haul of 11 wickets across eight matches, Ecclestone showcased her exceptional talent and etched her name as one of the pivotal figures in the tournament’s narrative.

Ecclestone’s journey through the WPL 2024 was a spectacle of precision, strategic understanding, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Known for her cunning ability to deceive batters with her spin, she maintained an economy of 6.57, a feat commendable in the T20 format’s high-scoring environment. This economy rate and her consistent wicket-taking ability made her an indispensable asset to the UP team, often turning the tide in crucial moments of the game.

Throughout the tournament, Ecclestone’s spells were not just about the numbers but about the impact she had on the games. Her ability to break partnerships and create pressure situations was instrumental in UP’s campaign. In matches where runs seemed to flow easily for the opposition, Ecclestone’s spells acted as a brake, pulling the momentum back in UP’s favour.


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