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TOP 5 Luxury Nail Polish Brands 2024


TOP 5: Nail polish has become one of the most straightforward cosmetics in fashion. At the same time, it has become one of the most significant and stylish products. However, be it keeping their style or maintaining current fashion trends, nail Polish has become one of the top-notch approaches in fashion. The fashion industry has lots of nail polish and many nail shades. Here are the top 5 luxury nail polish brands of 2024 that should be in your makeup kit.

TOP 5 Luxury Nail Polish Brands


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OPI is renowned for its exceptional formula. Wide range of colours and whimsically named shades. It was established as a family business in 1981. It is known for its high-quality products and commitment to creating a massive blend of products with significant innovation. Professionals and beauty enthusiasts favoured Their nail lacquers for their long-lasting wear, chip-resistant formula and vibrant colour.

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It is one of the best brands in the world. The epitome of luxury and elegance, it extends its fashion-forward vision to its nail polish line. Known for setting trends rather than following them, Chanel nail lacquers are converted for their exceptional quality, iconic shades, and sophisticated signature packaging. Each season, Chanel introduces limited edition colours that quickly become collector items, making Chanel nail polish a must-have for fashion enthusiasts and beauty lovers seeking a luxury touch.


Gucci Beauty, the cosmetics arm of the iconic fashion house Gucci, has extended its luxurious and avant-garde aesthetic into the world of nail polish, offering a collection that epitomises elegance, quality, and the brand’s signature flair for boldness. Known for its fashion-forward clothing and accessories, Gucci has infused its nail polish line.

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Gucci Beauty’s nail polish collection is a testament to the brand’s commitment to luxury, innovation, and the fusion of high fashion with personal beauty. Each shade is carefully crafted to reflect Gucci’s iconic style, from classic reds and delicate nudes to more daring and unconventional colours.


Hermès, a brand synonymous with timeless luxury and unparalleled craftsmanship in the world of high fashion, has ventured into the beauty realm, bringing its distinct elegance and sophisticated style to the world of nail polish. This foray marks a significant expansion of Hermès’ beauty offerings, previously known for its iconic scarves, leather goods, and perfumes, into a new domain where the brand’s heritage of quality and aesthetic excellence.

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Hermès nail polishes are formulated to deliver a seamless application experience, boasting a long-wearing, high-shine finish that embodies the brand’s commitment to excellence. The formula is meticulously crafted to ensure aesthetic appeal and care for the nails, adhering to the brand’s philosophy of combining beauty with functionality.


Dior, a name that resonates with luxury, elegance, and avant-garde fashion, has seamlessly extended its haute couture sensibility into the realm of beauty with its exquisite line of nail polishes. Emblematic of the brand’s commitment to blending tradition with innovation, Dior’s nail polish collection embodies the sophistication and craftsmanship that have long defined the Parisian fashion house. Through its nail polish, Dior offers a touch of runway glamour.

Dior nail polishes are celebrated for their cutting-edge formulations, which ensure a long-lasting, glossy finish. The brand leverages advanced beauty technology to create stunning polishes that contribute to the health of the nails, offering nourishment and protection against breakage and brittleness.

The design of Dior nail polish bottles is a testament to the brand’s luxury ethos, with sleek, elegant lines and the prominently displayed Dior logo. The applicator brush is meticulously designed to provide a precise, even application, allowing for salon-quality manicures at home.


Dior nail polish stands at the intersection of fashion and beauty, symbolising the brand’s innovative spirit and influence on contemporary beauty trends. Wearing Dior nail polish is not just about adding colour to your nails; it’s about embracing a piece of Dior’s fashion legacy, making a statement of refined taste and sophistication.

Dior’s foray into nail polish is a natural extension of its fashion dominance, allowing the brand to dress not just the wardrobes but also the beauty cabinets of its discerning clientele. With its blend of luxury, innovation, and fashion-forward aesthetics, Dior nail polish invites beauty enthusiasts to experience the glamour and elegance of Dior in a new, personal way, making every brush stroke a testament to the wearer’s style and sophistication.

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