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Rooftop Ventures in the Tank: An Exciting Journey into Shark Tank Season 3

Rooftop Ventures

Rooftop recently took centre stage on the esteemed show, Shark Tank India’s Season 3, in a bold move towards scaling its innovative platform. The show, renowned for its high-stakes entrepreneurial drama, provided Rooftop with a unique opportunity to showcase its app and offerings based on traditional Indian art forms to a global audience.

The spotlight turned on Rooftop Ventures

As the spotlight turned on Rooftop, Kartik Gaggar – the Founder, CEO of Rooftop presented his vision to a panel of Sharks. The engaging 3-minute pitch presented by Kartik highlighted Rooftop’s commitment to making India’s traditional and folk art forms accessible to a wider audience through curated experiences.

Rooftop Ventures
Picture credit: Rooftop Ventures

The episode showcased Rooftop’s journey, emphasising the platform’s unique blend of technological advancements and traditional art forms. The founders navigated the challenging waters of entrepreneurial scrutiny, passionately illustrating how Rooftop empowers artists, enthusiasts, and learners to engage with Indian art forms in a contemporary and accessible manner.

Deepinder Goyal, Founder of Zomato expressed his views on how Rooftop might have a scope being a marketplace for artists and art lovers of the world. Anupam Mittal from was interested in numbers and statistics. He showed deep interest in the core functioning of the business.

Rooftop’s participation in Shark Tank India underscores its dedication to significantly impacting the art and culture sector. The exposure gained from the show is expected to catapult Rooftop into new heights, fostering collaborations, and amplifying its mission of democratising access to India’s rich art heritage.

Stay tuned as Rooftop continues its exhilarating journey post-Shark Tank, marking a pivotal chapter in its mission to redefine the landscape of art education and appreciation.

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