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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Address in Lok Sabha: Prioritizing Women, Poor and Farmers Over Minority Status

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi
Picture Credit Narendra Modi

On Monday, PM Narendra Modi replied to ‘Motion to thanks on president’s address, delivered on 31st January, first day of budget session in Parliament. In his speech, Modi said according to the honourable president speech, by strengthen the four pillars, it would assure a brighter future of our nation. The four pillars include women empowerment, youths, poor, and the farmers.

He also added, if they focus on the vision for nationwide transformation by highlighting the crucial role of four pillars, they could bring a positive change across the country.  By prioritizing the strength and development of these pillars, the country would prosper.

Narendra Modi Speech

During the speech, the opposition claims that if PM Narendra Modi doesn’t consider the women, youth, poor and farmers as minorities. In the reply Modi showed aggression and said that they don’t need to labelled as minorities. He also added how long they would try to divide the society.

Expressing his displeasure he said, there could have a positive outcome during the discussion through their positive thoughts and ideation but  the Congress party disappointed the country a lot every time.  Nobody talks new, and they keep talking the same old thing. During the time of the election, if they work hard and thought of something new, the public would have been happy, but the party failed to do that too.

Narendra Modi Blamed Congress for Current Situation

He blamed Congress for the current situation of the opposition party and he also added the congress party got chances to become a good opposition in the whole ten years, but in that department, they failed to fulfil that responsibilities.

Modi also talked about the need of youths in Parliament but he stated if the image of the new members emerges then perhaps someone else’s image might be suppressed. So, because of this fear, no one is giving a chance to the youth. By this, these people are causing great harm to themselves, Parliament, and the country.

In his long speech in the Parliament. Narendra Modi also pointed out that the congress party along with the country had faced the consequences of Parivarbad harmed the nation.  He has strongly condemned Parivarbad of Congress.

It is interesting to note the criticism from various opposition leaders towards President Droupadi Murmu’s address to the joint sitting of Parliament, especially with the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Opposition figures, such as Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge, have dismissed the President’s speech as mere ‘propaganda’ and an ‘advertisement’ for the Modi government.

They imply that the content of the speech was more about glorifying the current administration’s achievements rather than addressing the nation’s pressing concerns or outlining a future course of action.

In response to these criticisms, Prime Minister Narendra Modi defended the President’s address and countered the opposition’s stance by highlighting their failure to act as a constructive opposition.

He pointed out that a robust and effective opposition is crucial for a healthy democracy and that the opposition parties have not fulfilled their responsibilities.

It suggests their criticism might stem more from political rivalry than genuine concern for the country’s welfare. Overall, this exchange highlights the deep political divide between the ruling party and the opposition in the lead-up to the Lok Sabha elections.

It also reflects on the broader theme of how political discourse unfolds in India, with each side attempting to position themselves as the true champions of the nation’s progress and well-being.

The opposition’s criticism of President Droupadi Murmu’s address as mere ‘propaganda’ and ‘advertisement’ for the Modi government indicates a dissatisfaction with the content and intent behind the speech. In parliamentary democracies, the President’s address is traditionally significant, outlining the government’s achievements and future agenda.

The opposition’s critique suggests they viewed this speech as lacking substance or overly focused on celebrating the ruling party’s accomplishments without adequately addressing broader issues or presenting a comprehensive vision for the future.


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