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PM Modi conveys regret over mimicry incident in parliament, calls it unfortunate: VP Jagdeep Dhankhar

Jagdeep Dhankhar
Image Source : PTI/FILE PHOTO Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a meeting.

In response to the controversial mimicry incident on the parliamentary premises, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Wednesday to convey his disappointment. The call follows a political row that erupted when Trinamool Congress leader Kalyan Banerjee mimicked Dhankhar during the opposition’s protest on Parliament stairs.

President Murmu voices concern 

President Droupadi Murmu has voiced her dismay over the incident where Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar was mocked within the Parliament complex. In a tweet, President Murmu stated, “I was dismayed to see how our respected Vice President was humiliated in the Parliament complex. Elected representatives must be free to express themselves, but their expression should be within the norms of dignity and courtesy.”

The President emphasised the importance of elected representatives adhering to the traditional standards of parliamentary dignity and courtesy. She highlighted that freedom of expression should align with the principles upheld by parliamentary traditions, and the people of India anticipate elected representatives to uphold these values.

The incident occurred amid protests by MPs against their suspension, drawing strong condemnation from the ruling BJP. Dhankhar shared the Prime Minister’s sentiments, stating that Modi expressed regret over the behaviour of some MPs within the sacred Parliament complex.

In a statement, the Vice President mentioned, “Received a telephone call from the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi Ji. He expressed great pain over the abject theatrics of some Honourable MPs and that too in the sacred Parliament complex yesterday.”

Dhankhar conveyed to the Prime Minister that such incidents wouldn’t deter him from performing his duty and upholding constitutional principles. Despite the personal hurt caused by the mimicry, Dhankhar emphasized his commitment to the values enshrined in the Constitution. The incident involved Congress leader Rahul Gandhi recording a video while Banerjee mimicked the Vice President.

Dhankhar later expressed his anguish in Rajya Sabha, addressing Congress member P Chidambaram, highlighting the personal targeting based on his farmer and Jat backgrounds. He denounced the use of Twitter to demean him and insult his background and position, emphasising his unwavering commitment to his duty and constitutional values.

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