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Nidhi Sharma: From Banking to Braising, A Culinary Maestro Emerges in the Crucible of MasterChef India Season 8

Nidhi Sharma


Nidhi Sharma
Picture Credit: Nidhi Sharma

In the sizzling realm of MasterChef India’s eighth season, the culinary stage was graced by the resilient Nidhi Sharma, a banker hailing from the picturesque Solang town in Himachal Pradesh. Her journey was seasoned with challenges, and on two riveting occasions, the discerning judges found themselves returning empty plates after sampling her creations.

Nidhi’s foray into the gastronomic arena was unconventional, given her roots in the world of finance. The sterile ambiance of banking had shielded her from the intricate dance of flavors and the artistry of the kitchen. However, the MasterChef stage became her crucible, a place where passion for cooking collided with the pragmatism of a banker’s mind.

The distinctive aroma of opportunity enveloped Nidhi as she embraced the black apron challenges with a tenacity forged in the high-altitude terrains of Himachal Pradesh. For her, these challenges were not merely setbacks; they were canvases upon which she painted her culinary aspirations. Each empty plate returned by the judges metamorphosed into a tableau of learning, a testament to her indomitable spirit.

Coming from the structured world of banking, Nidhi approached cooking with a fresh perspective, a canvas waiting to be adorned with the strokes of innovation. The lack of professional culinary exposure in her past only fueled her determination to master the intricacies of the kitchen. Her journey was a fusion of finance and food, a symphony where numbers harmonized with spices, creating a melody uniquely hers.

The black apron challenges became Nidhi’s culinary dojo, each trial an opportunity to refine her skills and expand her culinary lexicon. In the crucible of competition, she discovered the alchemy of turning adversity into advantage, transforming setbacks into stepping stones toward culinary excellence. It was a testament to her resilience, a quality perhaps honed amidst the towering peaks of the Himalayas.

Proudly representing Solang, a place known for its pristine beauty and adventure, Nidhi Sharma carried the essence of her hometown into the MasterChef kitchen. The juxtaposition of her banking background and culinary aspirations added layers to her story, making her a distinctive contestant in a sea of aspiring chefs.

As the sizzle and clatter of the kitchen echoed through the MasterChef arena, Nidhi found herself evolving, not just as a contestant but as a culinary artist. Her journey was a culinary metamorphosis, with the black apron as the catalyst that propelled her into the realm of whites. Each challenge, each setback, and each triumph became a brushstroke on the canvas of her MasterChef odyssey.

In the tapestry of her narrative, Nidhi Sharma emerged not only as a banker turned chef but as a symbol of determination, passion, and the transformative power of embracing the unknown. Her story resonates beyond the confines of the kitchen, inspiring others to pursue their culinary dreams, regardless of their background or initial setbacks.

In the grand tapestry of MasterChef India’s eighth season, Nidhi Sharma’s journey shines as a beacon of culinary resilience, a testament to the idea that with passion, perseverance, and a dash of spice, one can turn the blackest aprons into the purest whites.

 When Did you started your journey as an chef?

I embarked on my culinary journey during my college days transitioning it into a home chef role you can say. Although my initial plan was to pursue hotel management like many others but due to some unforeseen domestic circumstances it led me to opt for commerce instead of chef.

So I think it was my college days from where the journey started actually.

Generational Culinary Wisdom: A Heritage of Flavor Passed Down Through Family Ties

I think that the foundation of my culinary artistry in specific is deeply rooted in the teachings of my grandparents, parents and in -laws. Continuously updating my knowledge through the internet has allowed me to learn various new things and incorporating these influences and these new learnings into my creations as a recipe curator and a social media handler and motivational speaker also like delving into life beyond food.

My motivation comes from those who face various hidden challenges and that too with unwavering will power every time like they are struggling a lot and doing a lot unknowingly for others unconditionally for others.

All these kind of people inspire me a lot and it makes me look beyond culinary boundaries I think. I aim to infuse this inspiration into my cooking every time believing that food prepared soulfully not only provides us energy but also influences our thoughts positively.

Following the wisdom of my grandparents who emphasized every time that happy people make happy food I ensure every time that a clean happy and a positive wife while cooking. This they believe changes the vibrations and thoughts of everyone who partakes in that soulful culinary experience.

 Celebrating Himachali Culinary Heritage: A Home Cook’s Journey into Diverse Flavors and Traditions

My journey as a home cook deepened my appreciation for diverse cultures and culinary traditions. As a passionate promoter of Himachalai cuisine earlier, my focus on Indian cooking over continental cuisine always led me to extensively research Indian culinary traditions online.

As well as offline wherever I got a chance in my life, despite not having an oven at my home Tandoor or a grilling pan or grills, I made the most of available resources simplifying the complex recipes with minimal ingredients and emphasizing the use of Indian and local produce.

Also, I always try to describe all the complex structures of food into the simple ones. The complexities behind every food has been like an appreciation for me. Like the food looks so simple, but the technologies and the technicalities behind are way complex.

So, I always appreciated that part of my culinary journey. Through my social handles, I successfully shared this knowledge to the people and encouraged others to do the same. Applying the life lessons learned from my grandparents, I expanded my intellectual and creative capacities in the kitchen.

Despite the challenges, I leveraged available resources for various experiments, turning my thought process into a recipe curation, always thinking of creating something new. I think this transformation was not at all easy for me, but by utilizing what was at hand, I managed to explore new culinary horizons.

 Harmony in Expertise: Blending Banking Acumen with a Passion for Culinary Excellence

By God’s grace and guided by my parents’ teachings to give my best in everything, I think I have fused or melded my banking expertise with my love for cooking. Despite banking being my main stream, I wholeheartedly pursue my culinary passion, striking a balance between my profession and my first love cooking.

That has been definitely crucial for me, but recognizing the importance of excelling in both the reams led me to make a fair balance between my cooking as well as my profession.

 Balancing Acts: Merging Banking Prowess with Culinary Passion Amidst Family Support and Grace

Definitely leaving my 2 year old daughter behind and taking a long service break from my job was not that easy but with the unwavering support of my loving husband family and by the grace of God, I think I managed to combine my banking expertise with my culinary passion.

Participating in the 8th season of Master of India and reaching the finals was a challenging yet rewarding journey for me despite initial hesitations due to my limited culinary exposure and time constraints from my job, my supportive family and the backing up of my workplace encouraged me to pursue my passion.

The roller coaster ride of entering MasterChef and becoming a finalist was fuelled by my deep love for Indian food supplemented by my knowledge and definitely the knowledge was gained through various internet options nowadays, the various researches I made on Indian food and the versatility in adapting to different ingredients with time.

Nidhi Sharma Favorite cuisine

My ultimate favorite cuisine is the Himachaliput I grew up with, rooted in the flavors of my heritage definitely. But beyond that I have a particular fondness for South Indian cuisine, appreciating its diverse and vibrant flavors and have a lot of options in vegetarian food also.

Banker to Culinary Maestro: MasterChef Journey Filled with Challenges and Daily Triumphs

For sure transitioning from banking to the culinary world in just a few months with MasterChef proved to be incredibly challenging for me and it was also a daily learning experience where I never lost hope.

Despite the minimal exposure in the culinary world and coming from a small town like Solon with the limited resources and juggling responsibility as a parent, as a chief manager of a nationalized bank, a wife, a daughter, the journey was very demanding.

However, I am immensely grateful to have reached the top six and become a finalist this MasterChef season 8. Big challenges brought big rewards and I embrace this with gratitude and a positive mindset always.

Recognizing the responsibility that comes with being called a chef after so many years, I take this as another feather in my cap.

Your Inspirational Quote for the day

I think the Quote  of the day or you can say code for every day for me is trust God and do the right thing always finding a positive in every step.


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