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NaMo App launches people-friendly ‘Jan Man Survey’

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The NaMo App, or the Narendra Modi App, on December 19, 2023 introduced the #JanManSurvey, an innovative survey that aims to tap into the ‘Jan Man’—what is on the minds of the citizens—through an interesting and gamified interface.

What is the Jan Man Survey on NaMo App?

The Jan Man Survey presents a set of easy-to-answer questions to citizens, collecting their diverse opinions on various aspects of governance and leadership. To celebrate the true spirit of democracy, these questions include both central-level development and specifics related to the user’s constituency.

  • One of the key highlights of the survey is its user-friendly interface and concise questions that delve into crucial areas, such as the impact of government schemes and projects that excite respondents the most.
  • An interesting aspect of the Jan Man Survey is that it also allows the user to directly share their opinions about the performance of local Members of Parliament (MPs).
  • Additionally, it enables citizens to identify other popular leaders in the participants’ constituencies.

The BJP said that it has always been a party with its ear to the ground, and a direct connect with the people. Successive wins in state elections or General Elections are a testimony to the BJP’s constant endeavour to be connected to the people, understand their needs and be one with their dreams.

Apart from its massive presence on the ground, the world’s largest party has always used technology and digital media, especially the power of social media, as effective tools to connect and inspire people.

NaMo App platform to directly engage with citizens

The ‘NaMo App,’ has established itself as a platform where PM Modi directly engages with citizens in meaningful discussions about India’s developmental journey.

The BJP feels that this participatory process will empower individuals to express their opinions, underscoring the importance of each citizen’s perspective in the democratic process. It shall also allow the decision-makers to tap the mood of the people on ground.

To participate in the #JanManSurvey, citizens are invited to download the NaMo App, log in, and share their valuable insights.

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