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Nabhi Sutra: Empowering Holistic Wellness with Ayurvedic Oils

Nabhi Sutra
Nabhi Sutra
Picture Credit: Nabhi Sutra

Nabhi Sutra, a beacon of holistic wellness, introduces Ayurvedic oils crafted under the meticulous guidance of Ayurvedic Doctors & Experts. Founded in September 2019 by Swati Vakharia, Nabhi Sutra stems from Swati’s profound personal journey with Ayurveda, infusing each product and the brand with her authentic experiences.

Swati’s pivotal moment came with motherhood, where she recognized the pressing need for comprehensive solutions to address various challenges faced by new mothers and their babies.

Thus, Nabhi Sutra emerged as a solution for everyone, resonating with Swati’s vision to nurture the body’s health holistically.

Since its inception, Nabhi Sutra has witnessed a remarkable surge in demand, boasting sales of over 10,000 bottles per month and catering to the needs of more than 2,00,000 customers across India.

Nabhi Sutra
Picture Credit:Nabhi Sutra

With an initial investment of Rs 5 lakh, the company achieved a staggering turnover of Rs 1 crore in its inaugural year, a testament to its unwavering commitment to quality and efficacy.

With each passing month, Nabhi Sutra continues to flourish, poised to embark on an exciting journey into the international market, heralding a new era of Ayurvedic wellness on a global scale.

When did you started your journey as an entrepreneur?

There was always a urge to do something of my own even during my 1st job. Started my entrepreneurial journey back in 2007, we had a IT company handling clients from all around the globe. In 2017 when I became a mother, I personally started facing some problem and looked around for an wholesome healing practices and products. In 2018 I stumbled upon Nabhi Chikitsa, a for my wellness. I tried it and found it was very convenient and effective.

I consulted my cousin who is a Dr in Ayurveda. Later I realised that there is no one who is using this healing method, business side of me saw this as an opportunity and took a leap of faith to Launch Nabhi Sutra in 2019.

What are the Challenges that you have faced in this position?

Being a working Mother in itself poses several challenges. Balancing the personal and professional life is critical. I cannot let either suffer.
In business, since we are the pioneers in the field and as there is no reference of right or wrong for us every decision & strategy requires extensive research & belief in our MO and processes.Similar, to us our patrons also do not have a reference hence, earning their trust can be challenging. Our latest challenge is now to make this a global brand

Talk with us Nabhi  Sutra what is it all about?What were the key historical, cultural, or scientific insights that inspired the creation of Nabhi Sutra, and how did these elements converge to shape the company’s unique focus on natural, Ayurvedic treatments?

Nabhi sutra is based on the ancient concept of Nabhi chikitsa.

Share your experience with Shark Tank?

In one sentence our experience in Shark Tank was enriching, exuberant and insightful.

All the Sharks were unprejudiced, encouraging and honest. They left a lasting impression on us and guided us with their priceless suggestions and wisdom. We shall surely incorporate as much as we can from their insights.

Even the channel and the crew were very professional and courteous. The only point if we have to, may be they should try and reduce the waiting time during the prep days of the shoot.

How does Nabhi Sutra ensure the purity and quality of its natural oils, and what quality control measures are implemented to adhere to traditional Ayurvedic guidelines?

We have a system in place where we qualify each of our vendors before we procure from them.

We do not replace or update our vendor without thorough review

We do not change our sources without a genuine reason Sourcing of every raw material is under our control and not our contracted manufacturing sites.
Each batch is tested before release. All our essential oils are also analysed before we receive them.
Each dispatch goes through a final check at our warehouse before dispatch

The oils that we use are extracted by processes which retain maximum possible nutrients

In what ways does Nabhi Sutra’s approach to natural treatment align with or differ from the conventional methods in Ayurvedic medicine?

The application is directly based from Nabhi chikitsa which has significant importance in Ayurveda

We consider our products as a healthy lifestyle choice, like eating healthy food or working out & not as medicine. They are wellness and beauty products based on our rituals and culture.

Nabhi Sutra
Picture Credit:Nabhi Sutra

Our research has also helped us identify other such ingredients from Ayurveda that can be beneficial to everyone, these products are under our Adhyay range of products. Example to that is our skin repair emollient made from 100 times washed cow ghee.

Can Nabhi Sutra elaborate on the scientific evidence or research that supports the efficacy of its natural oils and treatments, especially in comparison to modern medicines?

It is very important to highlight and ensure, that we do not claim our products to be medicines.

They are, as mentioned earlier are a healthy lifestyle choice;  just like eating healthy or walking or running. So the mentioned comparison is not possible.

The oils used as part to formulate have been used for ages for their nutritional benefits. There are enough and more published journals validating these natural oils efficacy and usefulness. Support of these literature is submitted as part of our regulatory applications.

Our focus is on ensuring that we use raw materials manufactured using processes that it retains its highest possible nutrient value & we do not dilute any of our raw materials maintaining their quality.

How does Nabhi Sutra address the challenges of standardizing and scaling up the production of Ayurvedic oils while maintaining the authenticity and potency of the ingredients?

We have worked very hard to make sure we constantly communicate with our suppliers and manufactures.

Our belief is that it is our responsibility that they not only maintain the quality of the materials needed but also that their operations run smoothly to delivery on time.

If there are any challenges that they face they discuss with us and we jointly work out a comprehensive solutions.

Troubleshooting and debottlenecking is done via collective discussions and looking at our long term goals.

What specific health conditions or ailments has Nabhi Sutra’s products shown the most promise in treating, and are there any documented case studies or testimonials?

 A mentioned or products are not medicines they are a lifestyle choice.

In our 4 years of experience our product has shown remarkable relief for pain in joints due to gas/acidity. There are 100s of user testimonials that support our this claim.

Our digestion & stress relief oils have also displayed commendable assistance for our users.

Additionally we are in process of getting clinical trials for our products as well.

How does Nabhi Sutra navigate and comply with the regulatory frameworks and quality standards for natural and Ayurvedic products in India and internationally?

 In India there are stipulated procedures in place to apply for Ayurvedic FDA and at Ministry of Ayush. We follow them like every other certified Ayurvedic brand.
Our applications are always backed by detailed literature support If any query is posed we need to comply with justifications, which we do.

Internationally we are still exploring and slowly learning their requirements, actually we are looking for experts in export of Ayurvedic products, so we can seek their guidance to expedite our International ambition.

 What initiatives or programs does Nabhi Sutra have in place to educate the public about the benefits and proper usage of natural treatments and Ayurvedic oils?

It is no secret that responsibility of educating lies with firms or individuals that have resources, power and rich network. As only with that can one make an actual difference in making such treatments main stream. Since, we our a bootstrap brand with only our life’s savings as investment achieving genuine change is a daunting task.However, we do as much as we can, like:

We have Ayurvedic Doctors and experts as part of our team, who regularly share insights about Ayurved and its processes.

Frequently try to conduct workshops on the same, with guidance of experts in the field.

Our social media also has several updates related to ayurved and its practices and benefits.

How does Nabhi Sutra incorporate environmental sustainability and ethical sourcing practices in its production of Ayurvedic oils?

All our products are packed in glass bottles, vials or jars.

Most of our packaging is in with eco-friendly material. We actively avoid plastic except if there is absolutely no alternative available

We even try to source locally, as much as possible

Our sourcing is focused on quality and honest pricing not on minimum pricing.

Looking towards the future, what innovations or developments is Nabhi Sutra exploring to advance the field of natural treatment and Ayurvedic medicine?

We are constantly researching to identify and understand deserving ingredients, processes or products that may benefit it’s user in some manner. Our forgotten rituals and ayurvedic scriptures form the corner stone of our this research. We also try and use unconventional natural products that may add to an ingredient or products or process we have discovered from Ayurveda.

How does Nabhi Sutra’s commitment to 100% natural ingredients impact the shelf life and storage requirements of your products compared to those with preservatives?

Since most of our products contain oil which are naturally long lasting in nature. We do not have ingredients that are perishable in nature.

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