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Mirabai Chanu Qualify For Paris Olympic, After super comeback after Injury

The photo has been taken from Mirabai Chanu (Xaccount)

It was an incredible comeback by , Mirabai Chanu who also qualified for the Paris Olympics. The 29-year-old is one of the best weightlifters. After six months, she worked hard and qualified for the Paris Olympics. Meanwhile, Chanu finished in the 49 kg category in group B. She was very confident and also booming in snatch lifts two, clean jerk lift, and one unsuccessful Final heft, while she had so much confidence that she was successful. According to the report, he said it feels incredible to come back after injury, and further, she also said she is very confident and very confident.

The photo has been taken from Mirabai Chanu X account
Picture Credit:Mirabai Chanu X account

Meanwhile, she also added that her rehabilitation was very tough and demanding, but she got the support of everyone involved in her rehab and pushed into recovery. She pushed herself through all the problems and journeyed to become more dedicated. She also worked hard to make a living and be proud of her country.

Mirabai Chanu Coach Vijay Sharma Statement

Meanwhile, her coach, Vijay Sharma, said that the entire team focused on Chanu. She did so well and performed comfortably, and she also came back in six months. All the hard work she has done was incredible and boosted her confidence. On the other hand, Chanu added that her goal is to secure a spot in the Paris Olympics. She also added that she is almost qualified for Paris, and now her focus will be on Paris and creating a mark.

He won the silver medal at the previous Olympics in Tokyo. She will also play in the Paris Olympics. Despite his six-month injury, she shows confidence and resilience with 184 kg, 8 kg snatch, 103 kg clean jerk, and a dreamy performance in the women’s 49kg category.

Despite not reaching her personal bests at a competition in Phuket, where she couldn’t match her record lifts of 88kg in the snatch and 119kg in the clean and jerk, Chanu remains a formidable competitor. Her performance there got impacted by a hip tendonitis injury she suffered during the Asian Games in September, yet she managed to complete five successful lifts, showcasing her perseverance and dedication to the sport.

Chanu is currently ranked second in the women’s 49kg Olympic Qualification Ranking (OQR), positioning her well to qualify for the upcoming Olympic Games, pending the final official announcement expected after the World Cup’s conclusion. This ranking system is crucial as it determines who will compete in the Olympics based on athletes’ performances at designated qualifying events worldwide.

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