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Masterchef Biswajit Moharathi: Champion of Odia Cuisine

Masterchef Biswajit Moharathi

MasterChef Biswajit Moharathi is a culinary artist dedicated to bringing Odia cuisine to the global stage. With a background in software engineering, Biswajit shifted careers to follow his passion for food, starting as a waiter and working his way up to a chef in a five-star property.

Masterchef Biswajit Moharathi
Masterchef Biswajit Moharathi

His journey on MasterChef began in 2016 with the dream of meeting his idol, Chef Vikas Khanna, and showcasing Odia cuisine. Today, Biswajit is committed to reviving lost recipes and preserving the culinary heritage of Odisha.

Masterchef Biswajit Moharathi Journey Started

Back in 2016 I started trying for MasterChef for two reasons- one to meet my idol chef Vikas Khanna and to take Odia cuisine to international platform.

What are the Challenges you have faced to be in this position?

It was never a difficult phase From the very beginning . I started my career as a waiter in Bengaluru And from being a waiter to a chef in a five star property, it took me three years. And during those time I developed an interest for seafood, and I wanted to portray Odia cuisine in the world map. as I am a software engineer by profession, I left my job to pursue my hotel management career and by the time, my friends were buying houses and cars.

Masterchef Biswajit Moharathi
Masterchef Biswajit Moharathi

I was still struggling in different properties to achieve my goal. The two reasons, I Chose hotel management, one was to meet my idol Chef Vikas Khanna and to take the legacy of my grandmother, who was an excellent cook and Odia cuisine to international level, I finally managed to meet my idol Chef Vikas during MasterChef season seven when I was in the top 24, but somewhere I wasn’t satisfied I never got the chance to work with him.

Masterchef Biswajit Moharathi
Masterchef Biswajit Moharathi With his Own Style

But we say that anything we manifest comes true. It took 12 long years from 2011 to 2023. When in 2023, I got a call from Chef Vikas Khannas team that he is visiting Odisha for an event, and he wants and he wants me to assist him in front of thousands of people.

In that event, it was a dream, come true for me. From then I have been trying my level best to put Odia cuisine in the international map and take the legacy of my grandmother ahead.

How do you think traditional cuisines reflect the history and culture of a region?

Masterchef Biswajit Moharathi
Masterchef Biswajit Moharathi

My grandmother always used to say how big we become. We must never forget our roots. Our roots and heritage. are the only thing that gives us our identity. So if we lose our heritage or culture, a cuisine, somehow we are losing our identity in the global map from the day. I have tried working for original cuisine. And reviving lost recipes, Of Odisha and that’s the only motive of my life now.

Can you share an example of a dish that has a deep historical or cultural significance in a particular country?

There are many such dishes that have a deep, historical and cultural significance, but with the due course of time and westernisation we are slowly on the verge of extinction of those recipes. Like the recipe of a very unique sweet call, MATHAPULI which is now only being sold in a particular particular place called Banpur.

Masterchef Biswajit Moharathi
Masterchef Biswajit Moharathi

V, in the path of the westernisation, a craving for cheesecake, but forgetting our roots that the only person who is making this Sweet maybe the last person knowing this recipe. So so not only or wildlife, but also our cultural heritage and cuisine are on the verge of extinction. And its we the youth who can try resurrecting those lost recipes, Of Odisha.

What are your thoughts on fusion cuisine? Do you think it dilutes the authenticity of traditional dishes or enhances them?

Masterchef Biswajit Moharathi
Masterchef Biswajit Moharathi

Fusion cuisine doesn’t really dilute the authenticity of traditional dresses until an unless we change the base of that dish. Until unless we focus on keeping the essence of the dish alive the authenticity is intact. I have presented many such lost recipes in a fusion format, but have never crossed the limits of fully altering the recipe for which it may lose its essence.

Can you provide an example of a successful fusion dish that combines elements from different culinary traditions?

Masterchef Biswajit Moharathi
MasterChef Biswajit Moharathi

A few recipes that I have tried, one of them is lemon chenapoda with pumpkin Rabadi and one is a very authentic dish, Of Odisha ‘bhata macha tomato poda’ , which is the very staple food of Odisha, but I have represented both the dish and international form with slight changes in it.

Your Favorite cuisine you Always wanted to cook and have and also explain why you particularly like that?

Masterchef Biswajit Moharathi
Masterchef Biswajit Moharathi and team

Apart from Odia and Bengali cuisine, my favorite cuisine would be Thai food because I have spent almost 6 months in Thailand learning seafood. so somehow, I have a soft corner for Thai cuisine as Thai cuisine also believes in more of flavor’s. And the flavors’ of Thai cuisine are very subtle.

Talk with us about Breathe by Masterchef Biswajit Moharathi? Expalin the speciality about that talk with us some of the food?

Masterchef Biswajit Moharathi
Masterchef Biswajit Moharathi Teaching his Team

Breathe By Biswajit a very special place in my heart because when I left my job from (Hyderabad) as a chef, I came back to Odisha and I wanted to take Odia cuisine to next level. And it’s the same time when Breathe By Biswajit came to my mind and it was the only place in Odisha back in 2018 to be serving the exotic seafood like octopus, squids mussels but with a touch of hint.

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