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Kolkata Welcomes Inaugural French Film Festival: A Cultural Alliance Between Alliance Française du Bengale & Nandan, West Bengal Film Centre

West Bengal

The inaugural edition of the French Film Festival in Kolkata marks a momentous occasion in the cultural exchange between India and France, particularly celebrating the rich cinematic traditions of both nations.

West Bengal
Picture Credit: West Bengal

This festival comes nearly 35 years after a significant historical event when François Mitterrand, the then President of France, visited Kolkata to award Satyajit Ray, one of Bengal’s most iconic filmmakers, the highest French decoration. This gesture underscored the deep appreciation and mutual respect between the two countries in the realm of cinema.

Kolkata, with its long-standing reputation as India’s cultural capital, has been the cradle for many of India’s most revered filmmakers, including Satyajit Ray, Ritwik Ghatak, and Mrinal Sen.

These filmmakers have not only shaped Indian cinema but have also made significant contributions to global cinema, influencing various international filmmaking styles and narratives.

Similarly, France has been a seminal ground for pioneering filmmakers like Jean-Luc Godard, François Truffaut, and Claude Chabrol, who have played crucial roles in the evolution of French and global cinema, particularly through movements such as the French New Wave which revolutionized narrative and visual styles in filmmaking.

The French Film Festival in Kolkata is not just a celebration of French cinema; it is a bridge between two cinematic traditions that have each, in their own way, pushed the boundaries of storytelling, aesthetics, and the very art of film. By showcasing the best of French cinema to a Kolkata audience renowned for its passion for and understanding of film, the festival aims to inspire, educate, and create a space for dialogue and exchange.

This cultural exchange is significant for several reasons:

1. Cross-Cultural Dialogue: It encourages a mutual exchange of ideas, narratives, and cinematic techniques, which can lead to new inspirations and innovations in filmmaking in both countries.

2. Educational Value: For cinephiles and aspiring filmmakers, the festival offers an educational experience, providing insights into different aspects of French cinema, from its historical movements like the French New Wave to contemporary cinematic expressions.

3. Collaborative Opportunities: By bringing together filmmakers, actors, and industry professionals from both countries, the festival opens up possibilities for future collaborations, whether in the form of co-productions, joint workshops, or educational exchanges.

West Bengal
 Consulate General OF France in Kolkata

4. Celebrating Cinema’s Universal Language: The festival highlights the universal language of cinema that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries, reminding audiences and creators alike of the shared human experiences and emotions that film can convey.

The launch of the French Film Festival in Kolkata is a testament to the enduring power of cinema to connect and enrich cultures. It symbolizes a renewed commitment to cultural exchange between France and India, celebrating the legacy and future potential of their cinematic traditions. This initiative not only honors the historical connections between the two regions but also looks forward to fostering a new era of collaborative artistry and storytelling.

Esteemed Presence 

The first edition of the French Film Festival in Kolkata is set to be a grand celebration of cinematic art, bridging the rich cultural tapestries of France and India through the universal language of film. The festival’s inauguration and closing ceremonies are poised to be star-studded events, featuring a mix of celebrated personalities from both the Indian and French film industries, underscoring the festival’s significance as a platform for cross-cultural exchange and collaboration.

West Bengal
Consulate General Of France in Calcutta

Inaugural Ceremony Highlights

Anil Kapoor: The presence of Bollywood icon Anil Kapoor, known for his extensive career in Indian cinema as well as international projects, adds a significant star value and underscores the festival’s appeal to a wide audience. Kapoor’s involvement highlights the festival’s commitment to celebrating cinema that transcends cultural and national boundaries.

Anurag Kashyap: Acclaimed director Anurag Kashyap, celebrated for his innovative storytelling and contribution to new wave cinema in India, represents the creative bridge between the traditional and the contemporary in film. His attendance signals the festival’s dedication to showcasing cinema that challenges norms and pushes boundaries.

Anjan Dutt: Actor, musician, and filmmaker Anjan Dutt’s participation brings a multifaceted perspective to the festival, embodying the spirit of artistic versatility. Dutt’s work, often exploring themes of nostalgia, love, and the complexities of human relationships, resonates with the emotional depth found in many French films.

Rituparna Sengupta: The esteemed Bengali actress Rituparna Sengupta, known for her powerful performances in both mainstream and independent films, adds a regional flavor to the festival, celebrating the rich cinematic heritage of Bengal and its influence on Indian cinema.

 Closing Ceremony Highlights

His Excellency Ambassador of France in India, Thierry Mathou: The participation of Thierry Mathou, the Ambassador of France in India, underscores the official endorsement and support of the French government for the festival, emphasizing its role in fostering Franco-Indian relations, especially in cultural and artistic exchanges.

Sudhir Mishra: The presence of Sudhir Mishra, an influential filmmaker known for his critical and commercial successes in Indian cinema, adds depth to the festival’s closing, highlighting the festival’s commitment to exploring complex narratives and storytelling techniques.

Goutam Ghosh: Acclaimed filmmaker Goutam Ghosh, with his rich body of work that spans documentaries and feature films, brings a documentary and realist perspective to the festival, celebrating the shared human experiences captured in both Indian and French cinema.

Mia Maelzar: The inclusion of Mia Maelzar, known for her role in the blockbuster French film ‘La Tresse’ directed by Laetitia Colombani, bridges the gap between Indian actors and French cinema. Her participation highlights the festival’s success in creating opportunities for Indian talent in international projects, encouraging more collaborative ventures in the future.

The festival, through its distinguished guests and participants, showcases the synergies between the French and Indian film industries, offering a platform for dialogue, learning, and partnership. It not only celebrates the cinematic achievements of both countries but also looks forward to future collaborations that enrich the global film landscape.



West Bengal
West Bengal: Mamata Banerjee

In a heartfelt message, Honourable Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, extends her warmest greetings on the occasion of the 1st Edition of the French Film Festival, a collaborative endeavor organized by the Department of Information and Cultural Affairs, the Alliance Française du Bengale, and in association with the Consulate General of France in Kolkata, scheduled from the 16th to the 24th of February, 2024.

Highlighting the festival as a significant cultural milestone, she remarks on the convergence of cultures through cinema, emphasizing the deepening relationship between West Bengal and France.

Mamata Banerjee expresses her delight in the festival’s role in showcasing the rich heritage of both French and Indian cinema, further enriched by the participation of renowned cinematic personalities from both countries.

She acknowledges the deep-rooted cultural ties transcending geographical and continental boundaries, confident in the festival’s ability to bring these two regions closer through a vibrant celebration of their shared artistic spirit.

Extending her heartfelt gratitude to the Alliance Française du Bengale, the Consulate General of France, and all who have played a part in turning this vision into reality, she commends their efforts in enriching West Bengal’s cultural landscape and strengthening the friendship between West Bengal and France.

The Chief Minister encourages all movie lovers in the state to partake in the festivities, immerse themselves in the magic of French cinema, and foster greater understanding and appreciation between the collective communities, welcoming all delegates, dignitaries, guests, and cine-lovers to what she promises to be a grand carnival of cinema.


Didier Talpain, the Consul General of France in Kolkata, expresses his excitement and anticipation for the newly inaugurated 1st French Film Festival of Kolkata (FFFK), highlighting it as a significant and ambitious cultural project. He reflects on the rich cinematic heritage of both India and France, recognizing them as two of the greatest nations for cinema in the world, which sets a promising foundation for the festival.

West Bengal
Picture Credit: Consulate General Of France In Calcutta

The FFFK, according to Talpain, boasts an extensive program spanning nine days, including a special night dedicated to short films, and features a diverse array of screenings.

These screenings include recent French movies, with one film released less than two months prior in French cinemas, a nod to the iconic Nouvelle Vague (New Wave) cinema, and films aimed at younger audiences. Moreover, the festival will honor prominent filmmakers and actors from West Bengal and across India, acknowledging their contributions to cinema.

Talpain notes the absence of such a festival in Kolkata’s vibrant cultural landscape and expresses gratitude towards the Alliance Française du Bengale, the Government of West Bengal, the French Consulate in Kolkata, and the many professionals and sponsors for their support in making the FFFK a reality. This initiative is seen as filling a significant gap and adding a new dimension to the cultural offerings of Kolkata.


Nicolas Facino, the Director of the Alliance Française du Bengale, articulates the essence and aspirations of the inaugural Kolkata French Film Festival, emphasizing its dedication to celebrating the pioneering spirits of cinema.


This festival notably honors legendary figures such as Mrinal Sen and Satyajit Ray from Bengal, alongside French New Wave icons François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard.

Their groundbreaking work has profoundly influenced the global cinematic landscape, inspiring countless filmmakers. Facino highlights the participation of distinguished Indian directors like Anurag Kashyap, Gautam Ghosh, Sudhir Mishra, and Anjan Dutt, as well as film stars such as Anil Kapoor and Rituparna Sengupta, whose presence and support elevate the festival’s stature.

He underscores the festival’s role in strengthening the cultural bridge between Paris and Kolkata, offering audiences in Bengal a curated selection of French cinema that spans gripping dramas, captivating premieres, and literary adaptations.

With films like “La Tresse” by Laetitia Colombani and adaptations of “The Three Musketeers,” the festival aims to showcase a rich tapestry of emotion, action, and narrative depth.

Through this cinematic celebration, Facino’s vision for the Alliance Française du Bengale is to pay homage to both the stalwarts of French cinema and the globally acclaimed Indian directors, fostering a deeper appreciation of contemporary French films that appeal to both the intellect and the emotions of its audience.

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