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IPL 2024: Mayank helps LSG with 28-run win over RCB

Mayank helps LSG with second successive win

Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) won by 28 runs and beat Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) in the IPL 2024. Mayank Yadav, who sets the tone for LSG, repeatedly made trouble for the RCB batters. While Mayank played a considerable role by taking the wicket of du Plessis, it was a full ball 153.2kmp towards the mid-wicket, and Padikkal took the ball and through it, and du Plessis was short, it was a direct-hit onto the stumps. After the Duplessis wicket, he took another wicket from Maxwell. It was firing pace by Mayank Yadav.

The ball was on length, and he swung away. He sliced it off to a top edge; Pooran ran from mid-on and took an amazing catch. On the 7.4 over, he also took Green’s wicket. It was a length ball outside off and straight, and Green was beaten off by pace. The ball rattled away with the bail, and a cooler got the wicket.

While he is one of the best bowlers for LSG, and he also took the wicket of Patidar, it was top edge Devdutt Paddikal took a catch it was no mistake on deep square leg Paddikal never took his eyes off and took a brilliant catch and wicked by Mayank Yadav.

Another LSG bowler, Siddharth, took Virat Kohli’s wicket. He played the ball backwards point. It was a full outside off delivery, and he was coming down the ground and going for a big shot on the leading edge, and the ball travelled towards the backward point.

The left radical did not make any mistakes and got the catch. On the other hand, Stoinis took the wicket of Anuj Rawat. Stoinis bowled the ball short around off high on the bat, and the ball travelled to mid-on. Pooran went a few yards to grab the ball and got the wicket.

On the other hand, Naveen-ul-Haq also took Karthik’s wicket. It was a back-length delivery and was angled into Karthik. He was trying to pull and got by KL Rahul, who was gloved behind. While Naveen Ul-Haq also took the wicket of Mohammad Siraj, he attempted to loft straight down the ground poor runs from long on and got the wicket.

However, Yash Thakur also took the wicket of Lomror. The ball was outside off. He tried to play the ball over long off and got the wicket.

Topley bolls to De Kock to a beautiful boundary. The ball flies over, slips, and reaches into the boundary rope. De Kock scored 81 runs in 56 balls and smashed eight fours and five sixes.

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In the second boundary by de Kock against Topley, the ball was outside off, and de Kock squatted a little lofted and slightly opened the face of the bat, and the ball travelled into the boundary rope; at the sixth ball, de Kock again hit play, de Kock punched it down the ground to deep backward point, and Topley bowled a wide de Kock was deep into the crease and beat the deep third.

When Yash Dayal came to put a new over on the third ball, de Kock trashed the ball, and the ball travelled between point and extra cover into the boundary rope. It was a swing ball landing at full length on the sixth stump.

Meanwhile, De Kock trashed Mohammad Siraj’s ball for a six over Deep backward point. It was a length ball, and he trashed it. At the eighth over, De Kock hit another six over long-on.

It was a length ball in the middle. De Kock was deep into the crease, removed his front leg, and trashed the ball into the crowd for a six. It was one of the best knocks by De Kock. For RCB, Maxwell, the RCB spin specialist took two wickets and gave 23 runs, including 12 dots.

KL Rahul  LSG Skipper  Statement

The LSG Skipper said it was an excellent performance, and the wicket was tricky. Further, he added that there was help from the Fast bowler, and it was very sticky. He felt that by the time the opposition’s bowler assessed the length they had to bowl, they had scored the excellent runs they needed. That one ball bowled by Mayank was great, and it was good to see him bowl. He praised Mayank for the way he bowls the way he bowls and brought a trend in T20 Cricket.

De Kock Statement: He starts by saying that he was always scoring for the team, which is lovely. Batting first is always tricky in Bengaluru. On the other hand, he thought 180 was not enough. The way the ball was holding and bouncing allowed him to bat more time in the middle overs, and Mayank was there to have with the ball. It is really well, and we are glad he is there on our side.

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