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High-Flying Laughs and Daring Heists: ‘Crew’ Delivers Bollywood Bliss with Tabu, Kareena, and Kriti

Crew' The photoi has been taken from reha Kapoor Insitagram

“Crew” is a Bollywood heist comedy that follows the lives of three airline crew members, Geeta Sethi (played by Tabu), Jasmine Bajwa (Kareena Kapoor Khan), and Divya Rana (Kriti Sanon), who are struggling with unpaid salaries and minimal commission from their jobs at the financially crumbling Kohinoor Airlines.

Frustrated and desperate, they stumble upon a golden opportunity involving gold bars, which they decide to exploit in hopes of turning their fortunes around. However, their decision brings them on the brink of a dilemma, whether it will lead them to the paradise of their dreams or into a nightmare of consequences.

Crew the picture has beebn taken from Rhea Kapoor Instagram


Written by Nidhi Mehra and Mehul Suri, the movie presents an “easy-breezy” narrative, distinctively missing in current Bollywood offerings. It begins with the trio being interrogated by customs over missing illegal gold, using a flashback structure to unravel the events that led them to that moment. The first half of the movie delightfully explores the challenging lives and morally grey choices of the main characters, without casting judgment, especially in light of their employer’s indifference to the airline’s and employees’ plight.

As the story progresses into a slightly more serious tone, it continues to deliver laughs and further develops the friendship and camaraderie among the leading ladies, whose performances are a major highlight of the film. Director Rajesh Krishnan, known for “Lootcase” (2020), successfully combines humor with absurd moments, leveraging the star power and acting prowess of Tabu, Kareena, and Kriti to keep the audience engaged and entertained. Musical moments, such as the songs “Ghagra” and a rendition of “Sona Kitna Sona Hai,” add to the film’s charm, perfectly capturing the spirit of the characters’ unabashed joy and camaraderie.


Ultimately, “Crew” is celebrated as a captivating and fun-filled cinematic journey, notable for its engaging script, standout performances from its lead actresses, and its ability to blend comedy with a heist storyline effectively. The film’s conclusion leaves audiences satisfied, embodying the essence of fun and resilience amidst adversity, symbolized by the three women who just want to have fun.

Crew the picture has been taken from Rhea Kapoor Instagram

The box office performance of “Crew” in India demonstrates a significant uptrend, particularly in its second week, indicating a strong and growing audience interest. After concluding its first week with a total collection of ₹43.75 crore, the film continued to attract viewers, earning ₹3.75 crore on the eighth day. The subsequent days witnessed a notable increase in its daily earnings, with ₹5.25 crore on the ninth day and ₹5.4 crore on the tenth day.

These figures suggest a positive reception and robust word-of-mouth promotion, propelling the film’s total earnings to ₹58.15 crore by the end of its second weekend. The reported 21.57% Hindi occupancy rate on the second Sunday further underscores the film’s popularity, particularly among Hindi-speaking audiences. This momentum indicates that “Crew” is well on its path to surpassing the ₹60 crore milestone, showcasing its commercial success and wide appeal across India.

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