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French President Emmanuel Macron expected to grace Republic Day as chief Guest

Emmanuel Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron is all set to visit India on Republic Day. At the same time, Prime Minister Modi was a chief attendee of Bastille Day or French National Day this year. However, it will be one of India’s and France’s most important diplomatic relations. The fifth French leader, Emmanuel Macron, will attend the event.

The current circumstances highlight the intricate dynamics of international relations and the crucial preparations involved in coordinating grand affairs such as Republic Day festivities. The United States’ initial rejection was attributed to President Biden’s focus on domestic affairs. However, India swiftly reevaluated and extended invitations to other possible chief guests.


Emmanuel Macron
Picture credit: Business Today, Emmanuel Macron


However, the tight deadline—a mere six weeks—injected a sense of immediacy into the proceedings, sparking speculation among diplomatic circles about alternative candidates. Leaders from West Asian nations and UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak emerged as potential selections.

The recent announcement of France’s intention to sell 26 Rafale-Marine combat jets to India further aligns with India’s ongoing efforts to bolster its naval capabilities. This lucrative deal is valued at an estimated ₹50,000 crore. It is a testament to the deepening defence of cooperation between the two nations.

Notably, India had previously acquired 36 Rafale jets in 2016. It was worth a whopping ₹59,000 crore, which greatly enhanced the strength of the Indian Air Force.

A crucial factor in solidifying the diplomatic ties between India and France has been the close relationship between President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Modi. However, it has allowed for meaningful collaborations and alliances, with France emerging as one of India’s closest partners in Europe.

This results from the shared values and interests that bind the two nations together. Furthermore,  India and France actively engage in trilateral partnerships with various countries, focusing on areas of mutual concern and interest. It serves to solidify further.

With its strategic positioning in the Indian Ocean, it is encompassing 93% of its exclusive economic zone. France boasts a significant naval presence that is vital to its alliance with India. This geographical advantage aligns perfectly with the growing importance of the Indo-Pacific region on the global stage.

Through regular naval exercises and a strong partnership on maritime security, the Indian and French navies bolstered their capabilities and promoted regional stability. Not limited to military and strategic cooperation, India and France have also collaborated closely on global issues at the United Nations. From countering terrorism to tackling climate change, the two nations have demonstrated a united front in addressing pressing global challenges.



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