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Empowering Beauty: The Conscious Chemist Revolution

Conscious Chemist

In the bustling landscape of entrepreneurship, where innovation meets determination, Conscious Chemist emerges as a beacon of integrity and scientific rigor in the skincare industry. Founded in 2019 by [Name] and his co-founder Prakher, Conscious Chemist epitomizes a commitment to transparency, efficacy, and environmental consciousness. With a vision to revolutionize personal care, the journey of Conscious Chemist commenced amidst the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape.

Fueled by a deep-seated passion for innovation and a keen understanding of consumer needs, [Name] and Prakher embarked on a quest to redefine the standards of beauty and wellness. In the face of formidable challenges, from securing startup funds to establishing a robust infrastructure, the founders persevered, embodying the resilience and unwavering determination characteristic of true entrepreneurs.

Inspired by a desire to dispel misconceptions surrounding skincare, Conscious Chemist champions a science-driven approach, rejecting the ‘chemical-free’ narratives propagated by traditional beauty brands.

Through their catchphrase “Chemicals Ache Hai,” the brand endeavors to educate consumers, challenging prevalent notions of ‘chemophobia’ and advocating for informed choices grounded in scientific evidence.

Central to Conscious Chemist’s ethos is a steadfast commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing, manifested through partnerships with like-minded suppliers and initiatives aimed at offsetting plastic consumption and supporting environmental conservation efforts.

As the brand continues to innovate and engage with its audience, Conscious Chemist remains steadfast in its mission to empower consumers, inspire change, and redefine beauty from the inside out.

When did you start your journey as an entrepreneur?

My journey as an entrepreneur started back in 2019 when I started working on the idea for building ‘Conscious Chemist’. Me and my co-founder Prakher were always drawn to the E-commerce industry and how the new age consumers were adopting to shop online vs offline. We evaluated a bunch of categories and then decided to venture into beauty because there was not a lot of disruption happening in this category. We realized that there was a need for a brand which is transparent and focused on making hyper-effective solutions for different skin concerns.

Conscious Chemist
Picture Credit:Conscious Chemist

What are the challenges you have faced to be in this position?

Launching a business comes with a whole set of challenges – all different levels from the ideation, to finding the right talent, establishing starting up funds, setting up the right infrastructure for the business, finding the first set of customers who are paying for your product/services etc. Of course, everyone’s journey is different but I feel these are the challenges which are be common for all the entrepreneurs.

When we started we were running our own warehouse, there were times when me and Prakher used to pack orders, handle customer support and did all the work by ourselves. In our early days when the scale was small we faced daily challenges with our suppliers but nevertheless it was worth it and taught us how to keep moving no matter what life throws at you.

What is conscious chemist is all about?

– Conscious Chemist is putting science back into personal care. We never talk about what our products are ‘free from’ or make misleading marketing claims such as ‘100% natural’ or ‘100% chemical free’ rather we focus on building products which can give substantiated claims and our made with clinically proven ingredients.

Today consumers have become knowledgeable and they do their research before buying any product, they’re looking for brands which can also help ensure that they’re making more informed choices.

Can you elaborate on the inspiration behind the creation of Conscious Chemist and the significance of your catchphrase “Chemicals Ache Hain”?

‘Chemicals Ache Hai’ is our way of breaking the phenomenon which we call ‘chemophobia i.e fear of chemicals’ that has been created by the big beauty brands over last so many years. Consumers today need right education about everything rather just misleading marketing.

It reflects our dedication to using scientifically backed, safe and effective ingredients in our formulations. We consume chemicals in so many forms in our daily life for ex – water, salt etc, so how can chemicals be bad for us.

How do you ensure the sustainability and ethical sourcing of ingredients in your products?

We closely work with all our manufacturers and suppliers and we make sure that we only collaborate with suppliers who share our values. We are 100% Cruelty Free and Made Safe brand.

What strategies do you employ to stay ahead in the highly competitive market of skincare and wellness products?

We constantly invest in Innovation and Research. Our team is always working to find the best that we could offer to our consumers which includes staying up-to-date with emerging trends, ingredients and technologies in skincare and wellness.

Conscious Chemist
Picture Credit: Conscious Chemist

We have built a strong relationship with our consumers who have become our brand evangelists. We persistently engage with them and understand what their needs are and what are the product offerings that they are looking from us.

What role do you see Conscious Chemist playing in promoting environmental consciousness and sustainability within the beauty and wellness industry?

We are a 100% plastic neutral brand which means we offset 100% of the plastic that we consume in our supply chain – we do it with our selected partnership with ‘The Disposal Co.’ and at the same time we also contribute to ‘Reef Watch India’ in their efforts of coral restoration programs.

How did you strategize presenting your brand and products on Shark Tank India, considering the unique dynamics of the show and its audience?

So we tailored the pitch to align with the interests of viewers and sharks. We made sure to clearly articulate the unique aspects of Conscious Chemist and emphasized on our science backed formulations and commitment to performance.

In terms of knowing your numbers, what specific financial metrics and key performance indicators did you prioritize when preparing for your pitch, and how did you ensure their accuracy and reliability?

I feel the founders should know their numbers well. We made sure our unit economics metrics and our financial metrics were correct. Also, the valuation and ask from the sharks should be justifiable.

How does Conscious Chemist strike a balance between incorporating cutting-edge skincare technology and ensuring the safety and efficacy of its products, particularly in determining the optimal percentages of active ingredients for superior performance?

– Any product that we launch, we invest extensively in the R&D process for that product. We collaborate with experts which in our case our dermatologists, cosmetologists and skincare experts. We ensure that the percentages of active ingredients used in the formulations are well within the ranges supported by scientific evidence and regulatory standards.

We also take feedback from customers through testing panels to understand the real-world experience and use their feedback to further refine our formulations and make adjustments if necessary.

Your Inspirational Quote?
“Embrace the journey and trust the process, and remember : Challenges are not obstacles, they are stepping stones to greatness. Your potential is limitless, and every step forward is a victory on the path to your dreams.”





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