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Creme Castle: Crafting Emotions into Custom Cakes – A Journey of Innovation, Sustainability, and Emotional Engagement

Creme Castle

The  entrepreneurial journey, begin in 2018 after completing your MBA from FMS Delhi, followed by an impressive foundation of education and experience from IIT Delhi and Cardekho, sets a compelling narrative of growth, innovation, and passion. Transitioning into Crème Castle, a venture initiated by your mother in 2013, highlights a story of identifying and capitalizing on a niche market for customized bakery products in the Delhi NCR region.

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The journey from a home-based operation to a successful multi-bakery chain underscores the importance of understanding market needs, leveraging family support, and innovating product offerings. Your approach to product innovation, customer engagement, and integrating technology into business operations speaks volumes about Crème Castle’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

The focus on sustainability, ethical practices, and employee training illustrates a comprehensive approach to business that goes beyond profit. Incorporating emotional intelligence into product design and customer interactions reveals a deep understanding of the role your products play in customers’ lives.

Maintaining a connection with your customers through emotional engagement, social media outreach, and facing challenges with authenticity and passion are key elements that define Crème Castle’s brand identity. As you continue to navigate the complexities of scaling and sustaining your mission, your story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and a case study on the impact of innovative thinking, hard work, and a customer-centric approach in the competitive world of entrepreneurship.

When Did you started your journey as an entrepreneur?

I started my entreprenurial journey in 2018 when I finished my MBA from FMS Delhi. I had previously passed out of IIT Delhi and worked in Cardekho as a product manager. Post my MBA, I joined Crème Castle which was established by my mother in 2013.

How did the founders of Creme Castle identify the niche for customized bakery products in the Delhi NCR region, and what vision drove them to transition from a home-based baking operation to a successful chain of bakeries?

We started from an upcoming city called Greater Noida where there were not many options of bakeries. My mother wanted to serve them with custom cakes which are her skill set but there werent enough buyers in market for that price range. We figured out way to reduce price, make it readily available and then we saw change it market. Everyone wanted a customised cake. This gave us the idea that there is a need in market which in untapped.

Creme Castle
Picture Credit: Creme Castle
Creme Castle
Picture Credit:Creme Castle

My mother started as a home baker and she strated getting tremendous response and that’s when I father believed in her potential and gave her funds to setup a small bakery. The whole family worked hard to make it success and in that journey I thought it has much bigger potential than just being in 1 city and I joined as well.

Together as a team we have made in a multi bakery chain.

What role has product innovation played in the success of Creme Castle, and how has the company leveraged customer feedback and engagement to refine its product offerings?

We realised that bakery industry is very aspirational in nature. We do budgeting for food that is conusmed to satisfy hunger but when it comes to cake and desserts, we have aspiration to make that moment better. And this is where the large gap is. Makret had either mass brand with same products since many years and premium bakreies with global products but in unaffordable pricing.

Creme Castle
Picture Credit:Creme Castle

We planned to serve this blank space. We reduced by price by decreasing labour costs by using assembly line model and reducing raw material costs by identifying Indian suppliers with premium quality.

How does Creme Castle manage its supply chain to ensure the freshness and quality of its products across all its locations, especially considering the customized nature of its offerings?

We send components of cake on daily basis to our spoke kitchens. These components are assembled upon the order placement. The expertise lies in making these components: bread, filling and design which we do centrally. Hence consistency is maintained

How has Creme Castle integrated technology into its business processes, from order taking to delivery, to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction?

We have a website which has portfolio of 5000+ designs that cater to multiple relationships and occasions and it has options to customise your cake online as well. Here tech helps in user to do whatever speical thign they want to. At backed we have deployed process excellence and demand prediction systems which enable us to serve them as fast and fresh as possible

What ways does Creme Castle address sustainability and ethical practices within its operations, from sourcing ingredients to packaging and delivery?

We use local players to source chocolates, dairy and fillings. Apart from this we hire freshers to train them in house. We take pride in giving people employment in an organised sector despite their background.

How does Creme Castle approach hiring, training, and retaining skilled employees, especially bakers and designers who play a critical role in the customization of its products?

We hire freshers who are committed, hard-working, and honest. These are the values of our company. It doesn’t matter what their background, age, race or gender is. As long as they have in them to give their best, we will hold their hand as long as possible until they are ready

How does Creme Castle incorporate principles of emotional intelligence into its product design and customer interaction processes to ensure each cake accurately reflects the emotions and intentions of the giver?

We realise we are in celebrations business and how important day it is in our consumer’s lives. Hence we approach both product and customer with lot of empathy and patience. We believe this has been our core strength in retaining all of our customers.

What strategies does Creme Castle employ to build and maintain an emotional connection with its customers, thereby fostering brand loyalty in a highly competitive market?

For us the biggest thing that matters is that Crème Castle should be able to make their day memorable day of their life and in that pursuit we go to every extent. We have sent chefs at venue to prepare cake as per customers demand, we have sent bonus cakes for kids to make them happy. And we take post service feedback very seriously, and that ensures that our customers feel heard. This has been a major factor as well.

How has Creme Castle leveraged social media to showcase its unique value proposition of creating personalized cakes that express emotions, and what impact has this had on customer engagement and acquisition?

We see social media as a platform where we can build community where we can engage with our customers in a manner which is bigger than a mere transaction. We speak about cleberations , indulgences and many emotions that one can related with our product. This creates loyalty and this community acts as our cheerleaders to bring new customers.

As Creme Castle grows, what challenges does it face in maintaining its core values of authenticity and passion in every creation, and how does it plan to overcome these challenges to sustain its mission?

We believe modern tech solutions have a lot of scope to standardise the processes. We realise that if we have to disrupt the market then we will have to think different. We believe we need to find innovative ways in training of chefs, produciton of cakes and desserts and supply chain. And all of these could be game changer.

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