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Crafting Memories, Creating Masterpieces: The Resin Art Journey of Blissta

Embark on a journey through the enchanting world of Blissta, where art becomes a vessel for preserving cherished moments and transforming them into timeless masterpieces. Since its inception on May 10th, 2023, Blissta has been a haven for the creative mind behind it, a place where dreams take shape in the form of personalized resin art.

From navigating the challenges of choosing the perfect name to the intricate process of capturing fleeting emotions in each creation, Blissta is not just a business but a celebration of the profound connection between art and memories.

 Resin Art
Picture credit: Blissta Resin Art

Join the exploration of resin art that transcends traditional boundaries, weaving together cultural influences, symbolic depth, and a commitment to making every piece a unique reflection of the stories it holds. As we delve into the philosophy, emotions, and creative processes that shape Blissta, remember the guiding mantra:

“Believe in the beauty of your dreams and the power of your imagination; they’re the sparks that light the path to extraordinary achievements.” Welcome to the captivating realm of Blissta, where art is a conduit for emotion, expression, and everlasting memories.


When did you start your journey with Blissta?

I began my journey with Blissta, my dream venture, on May 10th, 2023.

What are the challenges you have faced in this position?

The first hurdle is picking a name that truly represents your business. I picked “Blissta” for my dream venture as it means Bliss (a box of perfect happiness) by Tammana Arora. Next, there’s the challenge of getting top-notch raw materials at the best prices possible. After that, it’s about pinpointing the right audience for your niche and setting fair prices for your products.

What inspires your resin art creations? Are there specific themes or elements that you often incorporate?

I get inspired by making my customer’s memories extra special. That’s why my business tagline is “turning moments into masterpieces”. I love adding in things like glitter, shells, or dried flowers to make each piece unique and meaningful.

Could you describe your creative process when working with resin? Any specific techniques or methods you find particularly effective?

When I use resin, I begin by thinking about what I want to make. I make a draft using my imagination, share it with the customer, make changes if needed, and once it’s approved, I bring it to life. Experimenting with different techniques and being open to creativity helps me discover new ways to express myself through resin art.

 Resin Art
Picture Credit: Blissta Resin Art

How do you choose color palettes for your resin pieces, and how do colors contribute to the overall mood or message of your artwork?

Colors are super important in creating art pieces! They help show feelings and set the vibe for what I’m making. If a customer shares a photo, I match the colors to that. For stuff meant to go inside homes, I pick colors that match the room they’re for. I go for a palette that fits the mood I want in my art.

Are there any challenges you face while working with resin, and how do you overcome them?

Working with resin has its challenges. One common issue is bubbles appearing in the resin. To fix this, I use a heat gun to gently get rid of the bubbles. Another challenge is making sure the surface is smooth; rotating your project while the resin sets can help with that. Also, be careful about dust getting on the resin – working in a tidy space can avoid this problem. Lastly, follow the instructions closely, as using the right amount of resin and hardner and mixing thoroughly is crucial for successful resin projects. Also, taking precautions while working with resin is a must; wear gloves, masks, and work in a well-ventilated area, or else your eyes may swell, and resin can stick to your hands, making them dry.

How do you capture fleeting moments and translate them into lasting masterpieces through your art?

To make quick moments stay with us longer in my art, I concentrate on capturing their most important parts. I aim to grasp the feeling or key elements before they fade away. Then, I use my abilities to create something that holds onto that moment forever, crafting a masterpiece that keeps the memory alive. For example, preserving things like a wedding garland or a newborn baby’s umbilical cord helps keep those memories alive.

How does your emotional connection to a moment influence the creative decisions you make while working on a masterpiece?

When I work with resin and memories shared by customers, I feel as if those emotions become my own. This connection helps me choose the perfect colors and craft a unique art piece. Making my customers happy is my main aim, and it brings me joy to know that pieces crafted by me find their way into various homes across world. Emotions act as a guide, allowing me to express myself more profoundly through my work.


 Resin Art
Picture Credit: Resin Art Blissta

Can you elaborate on the philosophical aspects of your resin art, exploring the deeper meanings or existential themes embedded in your creations?

My resin art is all about expressing feelings and ideas through colors, shapes, and textures. Each piece reflects emotions or thoughts without using words. It’s like a journey through feelings – sometimes calm and peaceful, other times vibrant and full of energy. While I don’t start with a specific philosophy in mind, viewers might find their own meanings or connections in the art. It’s like a mirror where people can see their own reflections or interpretations, making it a personal experience for each person who looks at it.

In what ways do you engage with art theory and art history to inform your resin art, and how does this intellectual foundation contribute to the richness of your creations?

I look at what other artists do, especially on Pinterest and Etsy. I see their ideas and then put my own twist on them. I don’t really use fancy art theory or history stuff. I just like what I see and make it my own. It helps me make cool resin art that’s unique.

How do you approach the integration of cultural influences and symbolism in your resin pieces, and what role does cultural context play in the interpretation of your artwork?

I mix different cultures and symbols in my resin art, especially by keeping wedding garlands and other cultural items. People from different states send these items to preserve their wedding memories, each with unique traditions. Sometimes, I also get things to keep memories of newborns, pets, or loved ones who’ve passed away. I try to honor these different cultural backgrounds and personal moments in my art, understanding that these items carry deep meanings for the people who send them. The cultural context is crucial because it add layers of meaning and help people understand the artwork better.

How do you envision the role of resin art evolving in the broader context of the art world, and what contributions do you hope your work makes to the ongoing dialogue in contemporary art?

I believe that resin art will keep growing in the art world because it’s special – artists can use colors, textures, and shapes in cool ways. I want people to see that art is more than just pretty pictures. It’s about feelings, stories, and different parts of life too. When people look at my art pieces, I want them to feel a connection or start thinking about something. By joining this ongoing conversation, resin art can bring new perspectives and emotions to the art scene, making it more diverse and interesting for everyone.

 Resin Art
Picture Credit : Blissta Resin Art

For me, it’s not just art; it’s emotion and a keepsake that holds memories for a lifetime through preservation. My pieces are customizable, created based on what the customer wants – their own texts, pictures, and more. It’s a unique way of making art personal and meaningful.

Your Inspirational Quote

“Believe in the beauty of your dreams and the power of your imagination; they’re the sparks that light the path to extraordinary achievements.”

Blissta also organises an online resin art workshop

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