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The Baking Mumma: Crafting Sweet Success with Love and Passion

Baking Mumma

My baking journey began at the age of 12, inspired by cooking shows and the fascination of turning simple ingredients into delightful treats. During my school days, my family and friends were the enthusiastic participants in all my baking experiments. After graduating, I attended a workshop that helped me master the basics of baking.

It wasn’t until the birth of my daughter that I considered turning my passion into a profession. Motivated by my brother-in-law, I started selling cakes, and in May 2018, ‘The Baking Mumma’ was born.

The picture has been given by Baking Mumma
Baking Mumma

As a home baker, I’ve faced several challenges, from marketing my products to sourcing quality ingredients and managing home delivery services. Instagram played a pivotal role in building my brand and establishing my business, thanks to the encouragement from my sister and brother-in-law. Today, the challenge lies in keeping up with social media trends and creating engaging content.

My initial passion for baking was nurtured by my mother and aunt, who taught me to make the best butter cakes, and my sister-in-law, who showed me that professional-quality cakes could be made at home. Now, baking is more than a passion; it’s my livelihood and a means to support my daughter as a single parent. The love and support from my clients keep me motivated every day.

Baking Mumma
Baking Mumma

Baking is my therapy, my happiness, and my creative outlet. It empowers me to be independent and brings joy to others.

Maintaining quality is paramount, and I believe that avoiding common mistakes like incorrect baking temperatures and using inferior ingredients is crucial. With patience and dedication, I strive to deliver the best to my clients. The Baking Mumma stands out for its neat, beautifully presented cakes that taste as good as they look. We specialize in eggless customized desserts and take pride in making each order with love, aiming to make every special day better. At its heart, The Baking Mumma is about a mother building an empire for her daughter.

When Baking Mumma start Journey as a baker?

I started my journey of baking when I was 12 years old. I used to watch cooking shows and note down the recipes. Baking always fascinated me more than cooking. In my schools days, my family and friends have been a part of all my trials & errors. After I graduated, I attended a workshop in baking and mastered the Basics of Baking.

Baking Mumma
Baking Mumma: Cupcake with Ganache frosting 

Never ever, I had thought of being a home baker until I gave birth to my daughter and wanted to do something from home, so that I can also take care of her. My brother in law then, motivated me to start selling cakes. That’s when ‘The Baking Mumma’ came into existence in May 2018.

What are the challenges you have faced to be in this position as a baker?

The foremost challenge I faced was to market my products to the potential customers . One of my brother in laws and my sister both suggested me to use Instagram to do this and then there’s no looking back, Alhamdulillah. Instagram helped me build the brand and establish this business.

Baking Mumma
Baking Mumma: Cup Cake with Ganache frosting Yes

Apart from sourcing quality ingredients at reasonable price, safe home delivery service, working for long hours, etc the recent challenge we bakers face in this field is learning to make trending reels for social media marketing in the hope of getting viral one day.

What inspired your initial passion for baking, and is that same inspiration what motivates you to step into the kitchen each day

My interest in baking kept on increasing with the passing years. The credit goes to my mother and aunt for teaching me to make best butter cakes and also to my sister in law who used to make bakery cakes and pastries and I realised it is possible to make such professional cakes at home too. But now, baking is not just passion for me. It is my major source of livelihood, it empowers me to raise my daughter as a single parent. The love and support I get from clients is insane.

What baking means to you?

Baking is therapy for me, when I feel low. It is happiness, it keeps my creative side alive and above all in this stage of life it is my livelihood that helped me become independent.

Bakers create a variety of baked goods on a daily basis and are likely to experience a few missteps every once in a while. The way they approach those missteps is important to maintaining quality and customer satisfaction.

The most common mistakes in baking that we do are baking at wrong temperature, not measuring the ingredients accurately and using cheap quality ingredients to cut down the cost. If we take care of these things and bake with love, we can surely maintain the quality of our baked products.

Baking Mumma
Baking Mumma

What Inspire you in baking?

The whole process of baking is very fascinating and indeed therapeutic. How usual ingredients from scratch can turn into something so aromatic and delicious!
The most common feedback that I get from clients is ” The cake is so pretty, I didn’t feel like cutting it! ” and this helps me do better each passing day.

What is your process for ensuring the consistent quality of baked goods?

Patience is the key. Apart from ensuring the use of quality ingredients and following the correct recipe, patience is also very important. I make sure to invest good amount of time making my cakes so that I can deliver the best to my clients.

Baking Mumma
Baking Mumma

Your 5 special Thing of The Baking Mumma?

1. Neatness- We make sure to make the cake look as neat as possible.
2. Cakes taste as good as it looks.
3. We make your orders with love & sprinkle with smiles to make your special days better.
4. We specialise in eggless customised desserts.
5. And it’s just about a mother trying to build an empire for her daughter.


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