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Priyanka Mallick: Weaving Threads of Peace Through Fashion

The Picture has been given by Priyanka Mallick

International fashion designer Priyanka Mallick uses her art to champion global peace and environmental conservation, drawing on diverse cultural and educational experiences.

Priyanka Mallick Fashioning Peace and Harmony on the Global Stage

In the glamorous yet fiercely competitive world of fashion design, Priyanka Mallick stands out not just for her aesthetic sensibilities but for her relentless commitment to using fashion as a vehicle for social change and peace-building. A native of Badinan in Hooghly, West Bengal, India, Mallick’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of art and education.

With an impressive academic background that spans some of the world’s leading institutions, including fashion studies in Milan, Italy, and at the University of Fashion in California, along with further enrichment at Harvard, Stanford, and Cambridge Universities, Mallick has harnessed her learning to push for global peace and environmental stewardship.

Her latest project, an illustration titled “Harmony’s Crown of Mother Nature,” beautifully encapsulates her mission. The artwork, which features Mother Nature adorned with a crown of delicate flowers and butterflies, centers around Earth, symbolized with a peacock feather overhead representing cosmic energy and renewal. This piece has not only adorned various United Nations banners but also positioned Mallick as a speaker at significant international forums like the G20, COP28, and the Nobel Prize Summit, advocating for peace and sustainable development.

The Picture has been given by Priyanka Mullick
HARMONY’S Crown OF Mother Nature  by Priyanka Mallick

Beyond her art, Mallick’s designs actively promote peace, with specific collections dedicated to ceasing conflicts such as those in Ukraine and between Israel and Palestine. Her influence has reached global platforms, where her voice and creations urge political leaders and communities alike towards reconciliation and understanding.

Priyanka Mallick Won International Fashion Designer Marathon in Milan in 2019

Recognition for her work is extensive. Mallick won the International Fashion Designer Marathon in Milan in 2019, was named Fashion Stylist of the Year the same year, and received the Design Hero award in Rome in 2022. Most notably, she recently designed a dress for Her Majesty Queen Camilla and a brooch for His Majesty King Charles III for their coronation, further cementing her role in high-profile international events.

Behind her profound achievements and relentless energy is her husband, Prof Dr. Susanta Banerjee, whom Mallick describes as her “inspiration and entire energy like the Sun.” His support and encouragement have been pivotal in her journey.

From a small village to the global stage, Priyanka Mallick’s story is not just about the success of an international fashion designer but about the potent role of fashion in driving the narrative of peace and the urgent need to protect our planet. Her work and advocacy continue to inspire many, bridging the gap between art, fashion, and international diplomacy in the quest for a more harmonious world.


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